Valentine's Day candy hearts
Feeling inundated with all the Valentine's Day stuff out there?
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Our 10 Favorite Valentine's Day Links From Around The Web

Feeling inundated with info about the "most romantic day of the year" and wishing it were Feb. 15 already? Try being an editor for a website about love and relationships! Everybody in the world has something Valentine's Day-related to offer right now, and frankly, I've become more than a bit skeptical about all the hooplah.

history of valentines day chocolate flowers gifts
The history of Valentine's Day, in a nutshell.
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Why Chocolate? And Other Valentine's Day Questions

Ever since we were in pre-kindergarten, Valentine's Day has been marked by cards, flowers, chocolate, and—depending on your luck—that One Special Person. But do you know why Valentine's Day is the way it is? Like 'em or loathe 'em, here we explain the holiday's most popular traditions.

Valentine's Day romantic date
Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to spice up your relationship.
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8 Non-Boring Valentine's Day Date Ideas

I don't love the whole Valentine's Day shtick — candy hearts, forced romantic dinners and such. Every couple has their own personality, so why not do something that fits you and expresses your love rather than conforming to some cookie-cutter ideal? Plus, this way you can use Valentine's Day as an excuse to cross some items off your "couple bucket list."

Study Says Divorce Hurts Younger Couples More
The surprising facts about who is most affected by divorce.
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Study Says Divorce Hurts Younger Couples More

You'd probably think that a couple who divorces after being married for 20-30 years has a harder time getting past a divorce. But a recent study found that divorce is actually harder on younger people, who have been married for less time.

12 Surprising New Facts About Singles In America
Men want to live together sooner than women? And more interesting facts...
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12 Surprising New Facts About Singles In America recently conducted their second-annual comprehensive study of single people in America, who now constitute one-third of the population. Over 5,000 singles participated in the Singles In America survey, with questions ranging from "How many times have you had sex in the last 12 months?" to "Has the economy affected your dating life?" The survey produced some pretty juicy results...

Valentine's Day gift love ring
What girl doesn't want jewelry for Valentine's Day?
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7 Gifts We Want For Valentine's Day

There are a million approaches to Valentine's Day out there. Some people do gifts, others don't — still others sneer at the whole spectacle and insist Valentine's Day was invented by Hallmark. Whatever your thoughts on the subject, admit it: You love getting gifts.

happy winter couple
Don't let the winter months take a toll on your relationship.
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10 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues Together

January and February don't have the happiest reputations, as far as months go. The short days and cold nights, the post-holiday hangover, the fact that summer is such a long time away... This can all take a toll on your relationship if you're not careful. The good news: There are many fun, easy ways to inject some fun into your relationship in the winter and keep from getting bored.

love snow
According to a recent study, January is the most depressing month of the year.
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Has January Put A Strain On Your Relationship?

According to a recent study, January is the most depressing month of the year. In fact, a study of 1,000 couples in Britain found that in January, couples fight for more than eight minutes a day and have 20 arguments during the month, compared to about 15 fights in the other months.