Bristol Palin Dora The Explorer
Hey Bristol, don't knock Dora the Explorer. She's likely much smarter than you.
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What Does Bristol Palin Know About Parenting And Gay Marriage?

Reportedly, Bristol Palin received death wishes for her recent blog post about Obama's support for gay marriage. The 21-year-old plastic-surgery fiend took to her blog after the prez's announcement last week, accusing him of deferring to Sasha and Malia when making policy decisions.

time magazine cover breastfeeding
This week's TIME magazine cover photo made many people uncomfortable.
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Should TIME Have Featured A Mother Breastfeeding On Its Cover?

The cover of the latest issue of TIME magazine horrified not only many people in our office, but pretty much the entire Internet. It shows a three-year-old boy sucking on his mother's breast while standing on a chair. The cover illustrates an article about the origins of "attachment parenting."

barack michelle obama
We could kiss him! Obama came out in support of same-sex marriage today.
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Obama Backs Gay Marriage!

We all knew that President Barack Obama backed gay marriage in philosophy a long time ago. But in a historic announcement today, he finally came out and said he thinks same-sex marriage "should be legal," one day after North Carolina disappointingly passed Amendment 1, which says the state only recognizes marriage between a man and a woman.

money sex
Should prostitution be legal?
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Secret Service Sex Scandal: Should Prostitution Even Be Legal?

I woke up to my TV blaring a news report recounting the details of the Secret Service scandal with Colombian prostitutes, detailing how some were fired, others were allowed to resign, and eight remain under investigation. After pounding my fist into the pillow a few times, I ran to turn it off. My TV is programmed to turn on automatically at 7:30 a.m., and sometimes I think it shouldn't be.

anchorman 2 ron burgundy
"Anchorman 2" is coming. You stay classy... Planet Earth.
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"Anchorman" Is Back! 6 Saucy Quotes From The Film

We love lamp. We love a little afternoon delight even more. But what we love the most is the fact that Will Ferrell announced the return of legendary (note: this is highly subjective) 2004 flick 'Anchorman' on Conan O'Brien last night. 'Anchorman 2!' The legend of Ron Burgundy continues.