drinking wine couple
Do you drink on all of your dates?
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Drinking As A Couple: Do Or Don't?

I knew my one-and-a-half year relationship was "for real" when alcohol stopped being a regular part of our dates. The first few dates are always a little awkward, so there's no harm in a glass of wine or two — plus, it gives you some ready-made conversation topics...

couples tiramisu
Tiramisu, also known as "Tuscan Viagra"
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22 Best Recipes To Make As A Couple

Finally, the best recipes to cook as a couple are all under one roof. We've collected recipes from our staff, bloggers and website partners to compile a comprehensive list of recipes that lend themselves particularly well to a couple in the kitchen. From sweet to savory, these recipes are best enjoyed as a pair.

couple drinking
Is drinking together not a valid couples' hobby? Oops.
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5 'Beertails' To Make Your Boyfriend Try, Stat

What happens if you find yourself making drinks at home — and your boyfriend likes beer, while you're a Tequila Sunrise gal? Should you just make your own separate drinks? Nope. BO-RING. Obviously, you should make beertails as a couple.

gay men eating dinner
Are gay men really more likely to be foodies?
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Lesbians Love Tequila & More National Coming Out Day Factoids

Are gay and lesbian eating and drinking habits all that different from those of straight people? A marketing company called Target 10 has created an infographic depicting the eating, drinking and nightlife preferences of gays and lesbians, contrasting them with those of straight folks. Ready for some thought-provoking factoids?

woman eating french fries
If you're trying to impress a girl, you should probably shell out $6.99 for some fries.

Dating Disaster: "I'll Pay For Your Drink, But Not Your Fries"

The sparks were not exactly flying in the first place, but it was when I ordered french fries to go with my vod-cran (which I made sure never to let out of my sight) and he gave me the "side eye" that I realized things were really not going to work out.

pitch perfect anna kendrick skylar astin
Skylar Astin and Anna Kendrick bonding over "The Breakfast Club" in "Pitch Perfect."
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4 Steps To A 'Pitch Perfect' Relationship

I loved "Mamma Mia!", the ABBA movie. I loved "Hairspray." So of course I also loved "Pitch Perfect," directed by Jason Moore: Watching a group of misfits perform everything from Ace of Base to Rihanna together is infectiously, vicariously fun. But aside from the singing (though the singing is so good!) this is a story of unexpected friendships and life-changing love.