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5 Green (And Thrifty) Wedding Tips

It's almost summertime, which means the living—and weddings—should be easy. With these practical and eco-friendly tips from Fox News iMag, you'll be able to create long-last wedding memories without hurting the environment or going into major debt.

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Baby Bytes: Untraditional Mother's Day Edition

Here at LoveMom, we're all about fresh perspectives on being a mother. That's why in the latest edition of Baby Bytes, we're bringing you some untraditional Mother's Day-related info nuggets: from why on Earth you would want to name your kid after furniture (ahem, Mariah Carey) to how to mother yourself in middle age.

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How To Date A Rock Star

Erin Bradley's new book serves as a guide for indulging that rock star fantasy and dating a musician. Packed to the brim with playlists, pop quizzes, and other fun stuff, it's an anthropological guide to 10 types of musician dudes and what makes them tick.

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Is Sex Therapy For You? [VIDEO]

If you're like a ton of people, you've probably gone through sexual dry spells, lack of libido, periods of low sexual satisfaction, and other mojo-losing setbacks. But some sexual problems are so chronic that it's impossible to get your booty in gear without going to a sex therapist.

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Get Inspired: 10 Famous Love Quotes

Sometimes we take the most fundamental things for granted: The taste of a strawberry milkshake on a hot day, finding out you have the day off when you thought you didn't, seeing a man hold a baby. All of these experiences are a teensy bit cliche, but they have something in common: They make you feel good. You might think some of these famous love quotes are cliche, too, but stop and think about their meaning for a minute. There's nothing stale about universal truths and good advice. So read on for some nuggets of time-tested wisdom from the most famous people in history.