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Do Relationships With Multiple People Work? [EXPERT]
Is one person really enough?
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Do Relationships With Multiple People Work?

A few weeks ago I stumbled across this totally by accident. But the more I read about the subject, the more interested I became in it. It has been an eye opening experience, so much so that I am starting to feel like I finally found something that makes sense to me.


An Open Marriage Can Work

Relationships have been written, rewritten and molded through the ages of human history. Man made laws have pressured the human race into a secrete life of the open marriage. My wife and I share an open marriage arrangement and find our relationship both rewarding and wonderful. This lifestyle is not for everyone because most people are subjected to the history what others tell us what a relationship should be.


A Husband, Three Kids And Two Boyfriends

What would you do if you found out that the mom you shared carpool duties with was a dominatrix at night? Or what if that cute couple next door wasn't really a couple—but a threesome or a foursome? How would you react? Well, you better get used to it, because all across America, in sleepy suburbs just like yours, moms are hiding secrets. Meet Robyn. She's a 44-year-old mom of three and a polyamorist who's currently involved in loving, intimate relationships with three men. And she's open to more, time permitting.

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Scandal or lifestyle choice?

I Have Two Husbands: A Polygamist's Diary

When Big Love came out, we all thought it was pretty silly. To start with, we all consider ourselves to be one family, not three separate but connected families. The ideas that plural marriage is restricted to the one man and several wives model—and that it has to have a religious basis—are both ridiculous. We also don't consider the political jockeying, the backbiting and the attempts to get more of the husband's attention or money, to be loving behavior. If the youngest wife is so insecure, she should go find herself a nice monogamous man.

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He's Having Sex With Someone Else on Saturday

Do you know what polyamory is? It's the idea of loving more than 1 person at a time. We meet a couple of polyamorists and learn about their relationship and the nature of open relationship. YourTango goes to the street and finds out what the deal is with polyamory.

I Considered Cheating On My Wife
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I Considered Cheating On My Wife

Kind of like drinking or driving underage, part of having sex outside of a committed relationship is the thrill that comes with doing something illicit. Cue Tango's favorite therapist Esther Perel and other experts hoping to pull marriage's reputation out from under its passionless, restrictive shell through greater communication and understanding. Weiss quotes one friend who says: “Do middle-aged, married women who are no longer interested in having sex with their husbands expect them to remain faithful?" The response, according to American mores, is "yes," though this is at odds with biology. Evolutionary biology's poster child should be the transgender man quoted in the article, who underwent a sex change after 50 years as a woman. He told Weiss that since taking testosterone supplements, he's noticed "a newfound ability to completely divorce sexuality from emotional commitments."


Multiple Sexual Relationships Leads To HIV Spread

From Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report Eleven percent of men in the U.S. report that they have conducted multiple sexual relationships at the same time during the past year -- a behavior that could be contributing to the spread of HIV in the country -- according to a study published online on Tuesday in the American Journal of Public Health, Reuters Health reports. For the study, Adaora Adimora of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and colleagues examined data from a 2002 federal survey that included 4,928 men between ages 15 and 44. The study showed that 11% of the men said they had at least two concurrent sexual relationships during the previous year. Among this group, most said they had only female partners.