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Why Men And Women Have Different Summer Movie Styles

Tis the season for summer blockbusters, and your anticipated choice for your next romantic date with your man would obviously be Crazy Stupid Love, starring Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and Steve Carrell. To your astonishment, your date has bought tickets for Cowboys & Aliens. Your man is excited about Cowboys & Aliens star Olivia Wilde, who is rated number one in Maxim magazine's "Hot 100" list of 2009. While you may like Daniel Craig's washboard abs as much as the next girl, and you would enjoy this movie under different circumstances, it does not fit your idea of a romantic movie with your man followed by a candlelight dinner and then home for some sexual bonding. Of course, your man is completely baffled by your annoyance.

chris brown
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Will Chris Brown Ever Be Ready To 'Think Like A Man'?

Ladies, I think we need to have a real talk with Tim Story, the director of "Think Like a Man," the upcoming film (April 2012) based on Steve Harvey’s bestselling relationship advice guide, "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man." So far, the studio has been stacking the odds of success in their favor with a roster of actors that includes heartthrob Michael Ealy, Black romantic comedy staple Gabrielle Union, and Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson. On Sunday, the studio announced that it had completed casting, adding two final names to the line up: It Girl LaLa Vazquez…and Chris Brown?

Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts in Larry Crowne
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Love Lessons Learned From 'Larry Crowne'

Every summer needs a feel-good rom-com—so why should this summer be any different? Enter Larry Crowne, the new flick starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. Sure, you wouldn't think the film fits the bill to read its log line: down-and-out, middle-aged guy loses his minimum wage job and is forced to rediscover his sense of identity. But this quirky comedy has more than a few surprises in store—find out what we got out of it.

friends with benefits no strings attached
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'No Strings Attached' And 'Friends With Benefits:' Same Movie?

Are 'No Strings Attached' and 'Friends With Benefits' the same movie? I know, I know—your first reaction is probably the one that I had. "This is old news! We already know these movies are dealing with the same best-friends-sleep-together-then-fall-in-love story." But neither of us is as awesome as The Blind Film Critic, who mashed up the two trailers to show that even the perspective shots are the exact same. (OK, so he probably didn't make it himself, but he had someone combine the trailers to show the truth.)

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10 Movies About Weddings That Are Actually Good

The wedding movie genre contains multitudes. Unfortunately, many of those multitudes are awful and make you never want to see another puffy white dress or botched set of vows. Luckily, this month's lady friendship comedy Bridesmaids is a shining example of the wedding genre done right. Here are 10 more wedding movies that are worth sitting through the Chicken Dance for.

Bridesmaids cast
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'Bridesmaids' Stars Offer Advice To Real-Life Bridesmaids

It’s those five little words that can simultaneously strike dread, joy, fear, and a slew of other emotions in any woman: “Will you be my bridesmaid?” In what some are calling the chicks’ answer to The Hangover, Bridesmaids assembles a motley crew of female comedians—from SNL stars Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph to Office receptionist Ellie Kemper—to explore the perks and pitfalls of this time-tested tradition. (We’re talking $800 dresses, serious one-upping between bridesmaids, disastrous Vegas jaunts, and fluffy purse dogs as bridal shower gifts!) And not, surprisingly, the cast has plenty of real-life anecdotes and advice to share with those who say “yes” to the bridesmaid dress.

Sandra Bullock wins the 2010 Best Actress Oscar
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The 10 Most Romantic Oscar Acceptance Speeches Of All Time

Over the years, thanking your significant other has become commonplace at award ceremonies. Now, we just expect to hear some spouse-gratitude in pretty much every acceptance speech. But luckily, scattered between all the average shout-outs, are some super-sweet moments laced with a touch of romantic sentiment. With this list, we count down our top ten favorites.

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9 Oscar-Worthy Dating Tips From 2010 Movies

To paraphrase the song, most people are lookin' for love advice in all the wrong places. Sure you can bore a therapist for $100 dollars-an-hour, buy dozens of self-help books, or ask Dr. Drew, but you're just wasting your time. That's right, all the riddles of the dating universe can be answered at the movies, and in anticipation of the 2011 Oscar Academy Awards we've chosen some of our favorite flicks from the past year to relay their pearls of wisdom to you. Nine films, nine Academy Award-worthy nominations for best romantic axiom. Here we go:

sundance 2011

The 5 Best Love-Related Movies From The Sundance Film Festival

With the Sundance Film Festival wrapping recently, we've had to move to greener pastures (also known as Awards Show Season) to get our fix of celebrity sightings and outstanding cinema. Certain films from the festival are lingering in our minds as some of the most beautiful love stories we've encountered in years, and lucky for you, all of these films have been purchased by larger film studios and will be released in theaters in 2011. So grab your love and suggest a movie date when these films hit the silver screen.

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12 Anti-Valentine's Day Movies

Folks, February 14th is almost upon us again and, if you're not making restaurant reservations or picking out scented bath tablets, chances are you're in your sad corner crying to a Morrissey album. Well fret not, lonely souls, because we have the surefire cure for the Valentine's Day blues: MOVIES, and plenty of 'em! Keep that copy of Sleepless in Seattle on the shelf and check out our selection of the perfect double features to suit your mood on Singles Awareness Day.

Russell Brand and Jennifer Garner
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Russell Brand Gets Lippy With Jennifer Garner

Even though Russell Brand is a married man (hi Katy!), he gets to have his proverbial cake and eat it too—when on the job, at least. The ever-cheeky Brand is currently filming a remake of Arthur in New York City with Jennifer Garner, where's he greatly enjoying the affection required by their roles. "She's like a fairy princess. There's a brand of red-velvet cake, [and] her mouth is made of that," the Brit told (via the Daily Mail).

The Best Valentine's Day Date Movies

The Best Valentine's Day Date Movies

Looking for a little low-key romance this Valentine's Day? Get that loving feeling with a few of our favorite passion-infused flicks. Celebrate the spirit of this holiday by grabbing some chocolate, pouring a little wine and cozying up with your significant other to enjoy the funny, sad, messy and wonderful sides of movie love.

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail

The 10 Best Romantic Comedy Duos Of All Time

There is nothing better than a slightly-sappy, hilarious, love-infused tale full of idealistic notions to make us feel a little lighter. Romantic comedies are simply the best, but in order for a rom-com flick to come together, casting is key. We want to fall head-over-heels for the screen couple's relationship, so it's nice when their chemistry is totally radiating from the screen. Well, actually, it's rather essential. But of course, some actor pairings have captured that romantic essence better than the rest, and we're counting down those duos right here.

Ryan Gosling on the red carpet.
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Ryan Gosling Is Totally Intrigued By Love

After The Notebook, and with that handsome face, it would have been easy to stamp Ryan Gosling with that cookie-cutter, romantic-lead label and call it a day. Too bad he didn't follow suit. Well actually, we think it's a good thing. The Blue Valentine star seems to understand the tricky dynamic of real-life love. In turn we get to watch him create some pretty incredible characters with genuine depth. The star talks about his fascination with love and relationships, which are central to the roles he plays.