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Why We Love Channing Tatum And Amanda Seyfried

As YourTango partners up with Dear John to bring you even more content about love, we thought it worth showering the film's two stars—Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried as, respectively, an enlisted soldier and a college student in love—with some much-deserved adulation. We've admired Amanda since her turn as Karen in 2004's Mean Girls. She's since shone on the small screen as the oldest child of the polygamous Henrickson family in HBO's Big Love, and she fought (and kissed) a zombified Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body. In addition to her acting resume, Seyfried's always struck us as one of Hollywood's more intelligent and grounded starlets.

Nicholas Sparks

10 Reasons We Love Nicholas Sparks

OK. We know. Nicholas Sparks can be corny. Our moms like him and, no, he's no Dostoevsky. But hear us out. With four of his books already adapted into film, and two more slated for 2010—including the forthcoming Dear John—perhaps its worth considering that Sparks knows something about love that we don't. In ascending order, here are the top 10 reasons we can't get enough of Nicholas Sparks.

matthew goode leap year

YourTango Talks With Matthew Goode

English actor Matthew Goode has skimmed the surface of that coveted Household Name status since he played Mandy Moore's strapping British love interest in 2004's "Chasing Liberty." He's since racked up some steady work—"Match Point," "Watchmen"—and most recently co-starred in Tom Ford's directorial debut, "A Single Man." Next up is the romantic comedy "Leap Year," which centers around an American woman, Anna (Amy Adams), set to propose to her boyfriend in Ireland. We chatted with Goode about how he prefers East Coast ladies and the one white lie he tells his wife.

Love Bytes: Huxtables Gone Wild
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Love Bytes: Huxtables Gone Wild

Ten must-click love and relationship links: hottest guy in the world, homosexual Sherlock Holmes, what we can learn from Robin Hood, hooking up with your cousin, what not to say at the dinner table, and 10 worst post-breakup books.

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2009's Absolute Best In Celebs, Love & Pop Culture

How was your 2009? Did you get married? Fall in love? Or perhaps your relationship ended this year. No matter what happens in your love life, YourTango wants to be there with you. We've put together some lists that we hope will be useful, comforting, though-provoking and fun. Included in our 2009 round-ups are songs for the broken-hearted, songs for lovers, songs for the proud-and-single; books about chicks and books about d---s, er, men who cause us pain; sex scandals and sexy celebrities; and love on both the big and small screens.

best sex scenes
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Top 10 Sexiest Scenes Of 2009

2009 was darn sexy, what with all the vampire lust, werewolf lust, and plain old regular-people lust. So which sex scenes kept us on the edge of our seats? Here, our favorite erotic on-screen moments of 2009.

best date movies of the year
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Top 10 Date Movies Of 2009

The year's best date movies. We had to see them in theaters. Now, as these movies are slated to start appearing on DVD, we're itching to watch them again, this time cozied up on the couch with our best guy or gal. Check out our list and tell us what films we may have missed.

what women want
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How To Seduce Difficult Women

Certain men—gays and hairstylists among them—have a particularly astute handle on what women want. Richard Temtchine, who is decidedly not the former but who was, for 22 years, the latter, is one of these men—and he's translated this insight into his new film, How To Seduce Difficult Women, opening in New York City on Friday. The Paris-born Temtchine wrote, directed and produced the film, which follows Philippe, a married Frenchman living in New York, as he instructs hapless American men in the art of seduction, while sustaining ample practice himself with various mistresses. Temtchine came up with the idea after running into an acquaintance who struck him as a particularly difficult woman, and realizing he had the tools to make her soften, if not melt.

the shining date horror movie
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5 Horror Movies To Watch On A Date

Horror movies may well be the perfect date movies. They're an excellent excuse to sit close together in the dark, and grabbing his hand during the scary parts is totally acceptable. Here are our five favorite horror movies to watch on a date.

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How To Translate Your Monster Crush Into Real Life

According to Esquire, women aren't attracted to vampires in movies and on television because they're hot—we're attracted to them because we all secretly want to have sex with gay dudes. Sorry, Robert Pattinson, turns out you just remind us of a sparkly, prancing dandy. And vampire Eric, apparently we think you would make a great addition to our next sleepover. But if we're only into vampires because we want to bone dudes playing for the other team, what about other monsters? What does it mean to be attracted to them?