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Easy A: Women Still Want A John Hughes Love Story

Although the movie didn't exactly offer anything we haven't seen before—anonymous high school teenager survives a bad rumor and finds love with her crush—it did offer me something to think about it and that is this: for the bad rap romantic comedies have, women still want a John Hughes love story.

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Is Eat Pray Love "Divorce Porn"?

The happy divorce film is here to (maybe) stay. As you likely know, Julia Roberts has brought smash hit Eat, Pray, Love to the big screen. But is it just another in a long line of films lionizing the divorcee and glossing over the dirty parts of splitting?

YourTango Talks With Amanda Crew
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YourTango Talks With Amanda Crew

Forget Zac Efron, we've got a crush on Canadian import Amanda Crew, the 24-year-old actress who plays the title character's love interest in the new movie Charlie St. Cloud. (In theaters July 30th, see trailer below.) CelebLove recently spent a few minutes gabbing on the phone with Crew (About what? Oh, you know, men, men, and, OK, a bit about sailing) and came away thinking Hey, we like this girl!

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Dating Advice From... Despicable Me?

When we first saw the theatrical trailer for producer Chris Meledandri's newest film Despicable Me, we'll admit, we rolled our eyes as these odd overall-wearing, yellow pellets stuttered over the film's title, then emitted sounds reminiscent of a clown doll and Spongebob Squarepants. Still, our curiosity got the best of us, and that was a good thing, indeed. And we never would've guessed that we might learn something while watching the film either. As we watched the adorable Agnes, voiced by Elsie Fisher, warm Gru's evil heart and get her way with him, it occurred to us that at times, it pays to be childlike, especially in a relationship. (Note, we didn't say childish.) Read on to see what we mean.

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Is Sex And The City 2 Right About Marriage?

If there's one thing we learned from the Sex and the City 2 movie, it's that we're in the wrong income bracket. If there's a second thing we learned, it's that we're not trying hard enough. (Seriously; do we need to start wearing stilettos around our condo in order to keep the fires burning? Some of us have just been wearing bunny slippers.) If there's a third lesson to be had, it's that when it comes to marriage, you can make your own rules.

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The Summer Date Movies We Can't Wait To See

Now that summer's coming, we can say goodbye to coats, colds, hay fever, and best of all, spring's notoriously bad movies. Iron Man 2 came out a couple of weeks ago, marking the beginning of summer's crop of blockbusters. As much as we all love our outdoor summer dates, we've got to admit that it's nice snuggling up inside a darkened, air-conditioned theater when the humidity gets too hot to handle. Here are our summer movie picks for 2010

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10 Things Star Wars Taught Us About Love

Here at YourTango, there are certain holidays we like to celebrate the heck out of: Valentine's Day; Mother's Day; World Nutella Day. Today is Star Wars Day, and we're super excited to have a legitimate outlet for our general geekery. And because we also tend to have love on the brain, we decided to look at one of our favorite movie franchises through heart-shaped lenses, and share with you what Star Wars taught us about love.

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Dating Disaster: Vegans Like You Cause Anorexia

Online dating is hard enough without all the risks of what could go wrong. From deceptive pictures to insincere motives, Jessica Adams has gone through it all. She shares in this hilarious account how one prospective match, a promising sociology student, turned out to be less than desirable.

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Is "The Wolfman" A Date Movie?

The Wolfman, directed by Joe Johnson, harks back to a gentler era of horror. A time when a scary monster (perhaps a man wrestling an inner demon), an ominous score and a few frights via surprise were enough to turn a trip to the drive-in into a surefire voyage to second base. But it's possible that this latest iteration, a Benicio del Toro flick, isn't really the best choice for a Valentine's Day movie date.

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9 Unromantic Movies For Valentine's Day

In this season of love, even the most hopeful romantic can need a break from the constant barrage of grand gestures and overly sweet rom-coms. For those readers out there who want a respite from Valentine's Day, we have nine decidedly unromantic films for you to watch.

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What 'Love Story' Taught Us About Love

In light of the recent death of Erich Segal, the former Yale classics professor who wrote both the novel and screenplay of "Love Story," we compiled the love lessons we took from the 1970 film. "Love means never having to say you're sorry" and more.

Love Bytes: The Hidden Meaning Of Hugs
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Love Bytes: The Hidden Meaning Of Hugs

10 must-click love and relationship links: hug decoder, 9 ways to compliment a man, 10 child stars who got hot, profile picture myths debunked, favorite classic rom-coms, unemployed men cheat?, separate bedrooms may improve a marriage.