Love: The Girls of Movember
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The Girls of Movember

In light of it being November, Movember is in full swing. And since we ladies can't (thankfully) raise a beard, we had to get creative to give some love to our hairy counterparts. The men of Movember are raising money for charities all across the country, and we wanted to show our support.

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Meet Colin!
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No-Shave November: Interviews With Men In Mustaches, Part 1

Meet our first three bearded/mustachioed gentlemen! Chuck, Kevin and Colin are all growing out their facial hair for a good cause. For those of you not familiar with Movember (aka No-Shave November), men go shave-free for the month of November and raise money for different men's health charities. These are everyday fellas; our husbands, boyfriends, brothers and friends.

No Shave November: Dudes, Where's Your Chest Hair?
Ryan Reynolds: Dude, where's my chest hair? Oh yeah, I waxed it off because GQ told me to.
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No Shave November: Dudes, Where's Your Chest Hair?

We've come a long way from the days of Burt Reynolds' hairy chest to what's considered sexy now. "No Shave November," this month's prostate cancer awareness campaign, which is encouraging men not to shave for the entire month, is certainly an exception to the trend!