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10 Things You Need To Do Before Becoming A Mom

A few months before Lily was born, I jolted up from a rare, deep sleep. I'd been dreaming about a dinner of lobster and clam chowder and it was fantastic. The next weekend, I ate it. As I savored every bite, I wondered when on earth I'd be able to have another meal like that. It certainly wasn't the most child-friendly restaurant—would I ever eat there again? In six months? In a year? Five years?

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My Husband Wants To Circumcise Our Son... But I Don't

I understand a man wanting his son to be like him, especially in this particularly masculine way. The thing is, when my husband was circumcised it was because of an actual, honest-to-goodness medical necessity. The foreskin was too small. It was painful. The surgery had to be done. If it were medically necessary, I would do the same thing. But otherwise, why put my son through elective surgery?

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Sarah Jessica Parker Juggles Love & Career In New Movie

In "Sex and the City," the landmark 90s television series, Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw character was the dream girl for millions of young women who fantasized about living in the big city, dating hot guys and wearing fabulous shoes (and not necessarily in that order). Now, Carrie appears to have grown up: Parker—as ever, enviably thin, chic, and charmingly rumpled—is starring in "I Don't Know How She Does It," which opens this weekend.

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Stretch Marks: Badges Of Honor Or Unsightly Scars?

While I understand and respect that many women proudly wear their stretch marks as badges of honor or battle scars, I don’t feel the same way about mine. I am not ashamed of them, but if they don’t fade by next summer they won’t be seeing the light of day. I think of it this way: If I have a blemish, I conceal it. If I pack on a few pounds over the holidays, I conceal those too. For me, stretch marks aren’t any different, even if they are a result of my beautiful journey to motherhood.

Dating as a Single Mom
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Top 5 Dating Mistakes Single Moms Make

Two seasoned dating coaches, Julianne Cantarella, MSW, The Courtship Coach, and Elisabeth Lamotte, a licensed psychotherapist and relationship expert, pinpoint the biggest dating mistakes single moms make and share tips on how to avoid them.

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Don't Let Baby Talk Interfere With Pillow Talk

If my husband and I aren’t careful, kid-centric talk hijacks our conversations. We talk about things they did that day. (Hilarious. Or frustrating. Usually both.) We talk about dreams for their futures. (Please let them marry non-felons.) And then usually we’re too tired to do much other than watch a re-run of The Rachel Zoe Project. I mean Mad Men.

Beyonce’s Baby Bump & A Real Mom’s Sexy Reality
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Beyonce’s Baby Bump & A Real Mom’s Sexy Reality

Finding harmony after you’ve had a baby is every mom’s reality. Balancing our own passions and interests, with our added responsibilities of growing and nurturing a baby is one of the most rewarding occupations we will ever have in our lives. On the list of new job skills is parent, but if you want the baby’s father to be alongside of and with you every step of the way add sexy mom to your skill set to cultivate as well.

Are  You a High Maintenance Mama?
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Are You a High Maintenance Mama?

First, let me say that the kids always come first. Nonetheless, I am what one would refer to as a high-maintenance mama. Yes, I take excellent care of my skin. I get monthly facials. And yes, I taught my daughter about skin care while I was in the process of maintaining my own. I taught her not only about facial skin care, but also about using sunscreen regularly. To this day, she reminds me about applying sunscreen to the areas especially vulnerable to sun damage.

Motherhood & Love: How To Keep Your Main Relationships Fulfilling
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Motherhood & Love: How To Keep Your Main Relationships Fulfilling

When two people love each other, nothing is better than raising a family together. That said, parents often put their parenting and career responsibilities at the top of their priority list, and allow their marriage to fall to the bottom. Most parents are on an endless treadmill of chores, meals and responsibilities, and forget to invest in nurturing each other.

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Stop Trying To Be Supermom! 5 Tips For Finding Balance

How does the stress of being a busy mom affect us? We overeat, do not exercise, and of course our sex life goes kaput, as does our intimacy with our partner, our confidence and our self-esteem. More and more, we see mothers suffering from the deadly disease of perfectionism. You assume that to "do it right," you must execute all tasks flawlessly and ignore the need for self-care. In turn, we see higher rates of exhaustion-related illnesses, low self-esteem and partner-related issues, due to mother's burn out. It's time to drop the "supermom" ideal.

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Busy Mom? 3 Ways To Find Time For Sex (And Why It's Important)

Welcome to our new YourTango Expert series on motherhood and love! Women are natural givers who do their best to make sure everyone else's needs (and wants) are met, often at the expense of their own. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day, right? Our first topic is sex, because countless studies and surveys show that moms are chronically overworked and undersexed. We recently asked our experts how can mothers shift their mental energy (their attitudes and approach to sex) and their physical energy (their schedules, their bedroom routines) to help make sex more of a priority.