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Having a family to care for makes it easier to battle depression.

'Put On A Happy Face': How I Manage Depression As A Wife And Mom

Whether or not researchers have Blue Monday (this year, today, January 13) pinned accurately as the most depressing day of the year, the winter months can be a particularly challenging time for those who struggle with depression. The cold weather, holidays and reduced daylight hours are enough to make anyone feel a little bit sad. But depression is so much more than just feeling sad. Depression is sadness and it’s hopelessness, fear, a paralyzing sense that this is how you’re going to feel forever, that this misery is never going to go away, things won’t get better. Then there’s the guilt: the guilt that comes from feeling like you’re failing everyone around you. Like you should be able to snap out of this and come back to life. Feeling like you’re letting everybody down.

Someone needs to wean himself.

Does He Have Mommy Issues?

I was talking to a relationship counselor about some of the guys I've dated, and she was particularly interested in the one who seemed, on paper, the most different from me. "I was very comfortable with him. I could be myself around him. The day-to-day things were easy. We liked the same music. We drank the same beer. Our interests and lifestyles were very similar. We both volunteered. We were both close with our families. I got along with his brother." None of this seemed alarming or interesting to the counselor.

The golf course is a great place to meet men.
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The Best Places For Single Moms To Meet Men

Now that I'm divorced and a single mother, I don't have much of a social life. Finding quality, eligible men feels more like a pipe dream. Meanwhile, my expectations and standards for a potential boyfriend are much higher now that I have children. And at my age I have a low tolerance for losers.

Motherhood & Love: How To Keep Your Main Relationships Fulfilling
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Motherhood & Love: How To Keep Your Main Relationships Fulfilling

When two people love each other, nothing is better than raising a family together. That said, parents often put their parenting and career responsibilities at the top of their priority list, and allow their marriage to fall to the bottom. Most parents are on an endless treadmill of chores, meals and responsibilities, and forget to invest in nurturing each other.

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JWoww & 10 More Famous Ladies Who Want Babies ASAP

I think it's hard to admit that you want kids. After all, we're told that this is the quickest thing that makes guys run the other way. But if you want something, you have to say it out loud—right? So I applaud these celebrity women who, since the start of 2011, have been totally upfront about wanting to have kids sometime in the very near future. Maybe it's going around?

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Stop Trying To Be Supermom! 5 Tips For Finding Balance

How does the stress of being a busy mom affect us? We overeat, do not exercise, and of course our sex life goes kaput, as does our intimacy with our partner, our confidence and our self-esteem. More and more, we see mothers suffering from the deadly disease of perfectionism. You assume that to "do it right," you must execute all tasks flawlessly and ignore the need for self-care. In turn, we see higher rates of exhaustion-related illnesses, low self-esteem and partner-related issues, due to mother's burn out. It's time to drop the "supermom" ideal.

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Busy Mom? 3 Ways To Find Time For Sex (And Why It's Important)

Welcome to our new YourTango Expert series on motherhood and love! Women are natural givers who do their best to make sure everyone else's needs (and wants) are met, often at the expense of their own. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day, right? Our first topic is sex, because countless studies and surveys show that moms are chronically overworked and undersexed. We recently asked our experts how can mothers shift their mental energy (their attitudes and approach to sex) and their physical energy (their schedules, their bedroom routines) to help make sex more of a priority.

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Introducing YourTango Experts Spotlight: Motherhood & Love 2011

For most parents, children are a gift to our lives and motherhood is one of the highest callings we can have in life. But as any mom knows, it's also one of the most intense jobs in the universe. It's 24/7, non-stop and never ending.Moms the world over are in need of more than just one holiday to celebrate the intense commitment made to their children and in this week's new YourTango Experts spotlight "Motherhood & Love", our experts will share wisdom on how to juggle it all and stay not just sane, but happy!

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'My Son Wants To Live With His Dad': How To Handle Joint Custody

Suddenly, your son springs on you that he's made the decision that he'd like to live with his father full-time — the joint custody arrangement you had shared with your ex-husband is no longer meeting his needs (at least in his mind). To your son, this may seem a logical request, but to you, it signals the end of a relationship and the closeness you once shared. You may even be taken aback at the emotions you’re feeling and be unsure of where to turn.

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Our Children Don't Make Me Happy

I stood there in my sweatpants, a bit disheveled, wanting to cry out, "No! You and I belong together!" But that was my need, not his. He walked off, his Bakugan backpack shining in the sun, without turning his head. I tightened my jacket around me. He caught sight of his friend, and slung his arm around his shoulders, a gesture that seemed more mature than he was. They disappeared into the school, laughing, tilting their faces towards one another. And just like that, the cord was severed.

The Secrets of Relating: Expanding I Am Presence
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The Secrets of Relating: Expanding I Am Presence

It is time to write your own saga of love! This video conversation will help you answer the Who, Where, When, What and How you can shift into personal confidence and trusting within, so you can build relationships that support both partners in expansion. Are you trying to be a “good girl”? A “good boy”? To make someone happy? Do you create relationships that feel like a “bad Karma”?

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Celebs' Summer Baby Bundles

While the Beckhams welcomed their first daughter, Harper Seven, over the weekend, Kate Hudson is still mulling over what to name her new baby boy with her musician fiancé, Matthew Bellamy. From Natalie Portman’s first to Mariah Carey's twins, see more celebrities who added to their families this summer.