A Quickie To Cure The Mother In-Law Sarcasm
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A Quickie To Cure The Mother In-Law Sarcasm

The other day I complimented my friend Tina on her cardigan. It was a long cardigan that you could wear with leggings. The cardigan looked comfortable and stylish, so I said I love your cardigan. She responded saying thanks, my mother in law gave it to me for my birthday. I said that was nice of her. Tina said, yeah she gave it to me and then said it is perfect because it will cover your butt.

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Being A Stepmom on Mother's Day Is Awkward

As a stepmom, I find Mother’s Day to be a mixed bag, especially since I haven’t been one all that long. I never know how to handle the holiday when it comes around. I get Mother's Day greetings from friends and family, but I always feel a little conflicted and don’t know how to receive these compliments graciously. I can’t get over the idea that I’m not a "real" mom, even if I play the part of one day to day.

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50,000 Moms Looking To Cheat After Mother's Day... Yikes.

A seriously bad Mother's Day has prompted a whopping 52,684 moms to cheat? That's what a dating site for affairs, Ashley Madison, says. According to FOX Business, the site reported a 321 percent increase in traffic following Mother's Day, presumably to take advantage of the site's one-day special for free messaging. On an average day, 3,000 women sign up for Ashley Madison, so needless to say, that over-50,000 stat is a huge jump—also up 60% from last Mother's Day when the same offer was on the table.

Music to Hum to on Mother's Day
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Music to Hum to on Mother's Day

Today we honor our female role models on Mother's Day. Enjoy these musical selections, with a bit of humor as we celebrate Mothers, mother's-in-waiting, mentors, aunts, stepmom's, grandmothers, and more. To listen to the songs, click here 1.  Mother's Little Helper - Rolling Stones 2.  Your Mother Should Know - The Beatles 3.  Mother and Child Reunion - Paul Simon 4.  Mama's Pearl - Jackson Five

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Baby Bytes: Untraditional Mother's Day Edition

Here at LoveMom, we're all about fresh perspectives on being a mother. That's why in the latest edition of Baby Bytes, we're bringing you some untraditional Mother's Day-related info nuggets: from why on Earth you would want to name your kid after furniture (ahem, Mariah Carey) to how to mother yourself in middle age.

Happy Mother's Day.  This Means You.
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Happy Mother's Day. This Means You.

Moms today worry a lot. Yes, mothers have always worried, but today’s young moms are so busy that sometimes motherhood feels like a problem-solving exercise: How can I balance my work, my own needs, and my family? How will I breastfeed my baby after I go back to work? How can I make sure my kids get the education they need?

More than Flowers: Mother's Day Reality
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More than Flowers: Mother's Day Reality

What in the world is more complicated than the mother-daughter relationship? I am one of those 50 year olds with “issues” dealing with both my mother and daughter. On facebook, a friend wrote, “I LOVE MY MOM!!!” and others are writing all these beautiful heart-felt notes about their mothers. When I get my mother’s day card, it takes a long time, because I simply can not send her a mushy-gushy you are the best mom kind of card. I have to find one that just says, “Have a Nice Mother’s Day.”

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide: Ideas For All The Moms In Your Life

Mother's Day is this Sunday, and if you've been good, chances are that you've already got the perfect gift picked out and on its way to dear old mum. She's earned it, right? Of course she has! But what about all the other people in your life? Those folks who represent, in some way, all the virtues that motherhood embodies—sacrifice, nurturing, unconditional love? For example: your wife, your single father, your new-mommy friend. They're worthy of gifts, too.

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Why I Want To Work On Mother's Day

The world outside shifts quickly when you're at home. It starts to feel too big; there's too much you need to protect your children from in it. But the truth is that the world outside isn't too big; it’s that when you let a part of yourself go—like your career—your world becomes smaller. And without balance, you lose perspective, a sense of proportion.

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The Best Of The Web: Birthdays & One-Night Stands

The pill turns 50. Crabs via the mail. Kissing frogs... finding princes. Cheating after Mother's Day. Is it sex or making love? Embarrassing stories involving repeating birds. The 10 strangest fetishes. Another angle on girl hot vs. guy hot. Tell-all divorce blogs... in good taste? Crazy chicks and drastic haircuts.

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Week #23--No More Ovulation Sex

“Hurry up! I have to leave to catch my plane in an hour,” I said while frantically pulling my husband to the bedroom. Our one-year old was unsupervised for a total of five minutes while we did the deed. Nine months later we got our second son.


A New Man for Mother’s Day? Give Yourself the Gift

A New Man for Mother’s Day? Give Yourself the Gift of Love Minus the Guilt. Here comes Mother’s day... If you’re a single mom with school-aged children, you’re probably left to organize the festivities for yourself. “Is it possible to ask my daughter to find me a new man for Mother’s Day?”

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7 Bad Celebrity Mothers

Sunday is Mother's Day, so naturally we're thinking of reasons we're thankful for our moms. They gave us life, fed us, clothed us, told us that prom dress made us look like a two-dollar hooker...you know, all the good things conscientious moms do. And we're especially glad that our moms were not showbiz fameballs who accompanied us to nightclubs or angled for their own reality shows.

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The Best Of The Web: Mom's Day & Ugly People

Nine ways to celebrate Mother's Day. Being a stay-at-home mom. Making a sex tape AND not getting caught. Breaking up via social media, a how to. 10 songs about bad sex. Recovering from a serious text message gaff. Low libido for ladies under 30. Ugly people are better in bed? Bedroom quid pro quo. A wallet made for condoms. And hotel room sex.