how to celebrate Mother's Day after divorce
Don't miss out on your special day with your kids!
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How To Celebrate Mother's Day After Divorce

Celebrating Mother's Day as a single mom is not the same as when you were a married mom. And when you're going through a divorce, you might be tempted to just sit out this holiday ... but don't! Recreating these traditions after divorce is important to reassure your kids that you are still a family (even if you and your spouse have split).

Michaela DePrince and Elaine DePrince
Elaine DePrince with her daughter Michaela, a classical ballerina. Photo: Elaine DePrince

Limitless Love: A Mother Of Eleven Tells Her Extraordinary Tale

At the 2013 Women In The World summit, we stumbled upon Elaine DePrince, whose journey through motherhood has included life-affirming highs (watching one her adopted daughters become a rising ballet star) and heart-wrenching lows (enduring the death of two of her nine adopted children). The size of her heart and the strength of her will are things we should celebrate not only this Mother's Day, but every day. Here's her amazing story.

5 Dating Tips for the Single Mom on Mother's Day
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5 Dating Tips for the Single Mom on Mother's Day

In honor of mother’s day, and trying to help singles moms out there not only find a great guy, but keep the relationship going strong, I thought I would help by outlining common dating mistakes single moms make as well as give a few suggestions how to prevent them. #1  Introducing the children too soon to your date or new love interest. Introducing your child too soon to your date or special someone is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Single dads are guilty of making this mistake, also. These guys are perfectly fine with you having a child, but  you change the dynamic before you really get to know the person by introducing surly teens, or crying toddlers. Keep that romance alive, or the possibility of it, for as long as possible between just the two of you. Sure, he may have children also, and think it’s a good idea for everyone to go to the zoo. When he never calls you again after the kids argued all day, you will know why.

woman sad
Mother's Day can be very hard for women who have had abortions.
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How To Survive Mother's Day If You Feel Post-Abortion Grief

Mother's Day for women who have had a voluntary pregnancy termination, or abortion, can be just as unhappy as Valentine's Day for people in bad relationships. On a day that motherhood is embraced and celebrated, many women experience sadness over their choice and are reminded of "what might have been."

woman hugging mom
One cool gift idea? Compile a booklet of the kids' photos through
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The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide!

This Mother's Day, show the moms in your life how much you appreciate them with more than just the usual call and card. Try on of these fabulous gifts on for size. They deserve it, after all.

Molly Shannon
"I try not to work too much because I really love being with my kids," Shannon tells us.
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'SNL's' Molly Shannon Talks Family, Mother's Day & Jimmy Fallon

It's been more than a decade since Molly Shannon left—superstar!—Mary Katherine Gallagher behind in favor of the big screen. Currently starring in 'Scary Movie 5', the 'Saturday Night Live' favorite wed artist Fritz Chestnut in 2004 and the couple is now parents to Stella and Nolan.

Baby Love: It was Right to be Wrong

Baby Love: It was Right to be Wrong

Life is a paradox. The man who looked like the actor I never got into, fit the bill, and the one who resembled the actor who is my number one, couldn't if he tried. The irony is ... part of me is convinced only Sherlock Holmes can deduce if the former was ever real. Or at least, the mythical Holmes is the only one who could tell me whether Collin Farrell's doppelganger had good intentions or really intended to trick me in a game of emotional target practice.