Part II: What Does Fidelity Mean To Gay Male Couples?
A relationship with an understanding can overcome anything, even "outside sex."
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Part II: What Does Fidelity Mean To Gay Male Couples?

It appears that some relationships have that extra spunk when it comes to their understanding in regards to sex. Some have it so under control to the point they agree on sex...with others. Ken Howard tells all about gay sex and the twists and turns that can come with it! Intrigued? Read Ken Howard's article!

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With love, anything is possible.

The One Radical Rule That Saved My Relationship

When my husband and I first came together as a romantic couple three years ago, we agreed to practice a pretty radical rule to ensure the long-term success of our relationship. The rule can prove more challenging to abide by than you might suspect at first. But both of us feel it's well worth the occasional angst we experience in order to enjoy a romance that lets us feel totally connected and utterly trusting of each other.

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These two have got it all figured out.

What Makes Monogamous Couples Tick?

Monogamous couples often find that their relationships get better and better over time. But in some ways, being in a committed partnership is harder than ever. How do successful couples work through the drama and make monogamy work for them?

Why Is It So Hard To Be Monogamous?
These two seem to have it all figured out.
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Why Is It So Hard To Be Monogamous?

There are increasing claims that being monogamous isn't natural, or just exceedingly difficult. This relationship expert feels otherwise: if we're able to control ourselves as adults, it should be easy enough to control ourselves in adult relationships, as well.

8 Animals You Didn’t Know Were Sluts
Dolphins. The sluts of the sea.
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8 Animals You Didn't Know Were Sluts

When it comes to promiscuity, some animals have us beat, paws down. From bonobos to dolphins to snakes, we've found the eight sluttiest animals in the world.   1. Sea Hares are hermaphrodites, and make good use of having both sets of equipment. They form long…let’s call them “love trains,” with multiple partners involved.

Is It Sex Addiction?  What's Wrong With These Men?!
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Is It Sex Addiction? What's Wrong With These Men?!

Men behaving badly are in the news regularly. We are riveted by the stories of Anthony Weiner, former governor  and San Diego mayor Bob Filner. These public figures create spectacular media sensations when their actions become exposed. When the famous are exposed they attract headlines as well as our fascination, think of Tiger Woods or Eliot Spitzer or Mark Sanford  or Kobe Bryant or Bill Clinton or Arnold Schwarzenegger. This type of drama goes on in private too, causing pain and heartache to thousands of families out of the public eye.