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Introducing YourTango Experts Spotlight: Motherhood & Love 2011

For most parents, children are a gift to our lives and motherhood is one of the highest callings we can have in life. But as any mom knows, it's also one of the most intense jobs in the universe. It's 24/7, non-stop and never ending.Moms the world over are in need of more than just one holiday to celebrate the intense commitment made to their children and in this week's new YourTango Experts spotlight "Motherhood & Love", our experts will share wisdom on how to juggle it all and stay not just sane, but happy!

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Katie Holmes Didn't Understand Sacrifice "Until I Became A Mom"

It seems Katie Holmes' new horror movie, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, features a little bit of art imitating life. Holmes plays Kim, a woman who marries a man with a young daughter, which sounds familiar to the actress's marriage to Tom Cruise (he had two adopted kids from his previous marriage with Nicole Kidman). Not only that, but Kim and the daughter, played by young actress Bailee Madison, bond in a mother-daughter way over some horrifyingly scary action — something the real-life mom can definitely relate to.

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I'm A Responsible Mom And Wife—And Yes, I Have Tattoos

After three months of being a tattooed mom, I have felt those judging eyes as I walk away. In all likelihood, any opinion they formed about me has morphed into something else. Which just makes me want to tattoo the following down my arm: I’m a breastfeeding, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, cloth diapering mom. I’m married. I own a home and a late model car. I have never received a speeding ticket, let alone been convicted of a crime. Too long?

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10 Signs You're Raising A Trashy Kid

Before I had kids, I was so quick to judge. When I would see a child running around the front yard wearing nothing but a diaper in the middle of May, I would scowl. Toy guns were trashy and unacceptable and lawns were meant to be lush and pristine. I would never be the one with the dirty kids and cluttered house, I vowed. I'll be the classy one whose child is always properly clad, grass is well manicured, and house is neat and tidy.

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Older Parents Struggle With Raising Teens

Still, like my friend, mid-life parents of teens can sometimes feel disadvantaged. They describe feeling isolated from other parents. They may lack the stamina and energy that they had when their older children were teens. Others feel out of touch with aspects of teen culture. And, maybe if they had more energy they would be more motivated to listen to the trending teen music, watch some of the teen reality shows.

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My Husband Cooks And I Watch Sports: Our Untraditional Marriage

Tonight I got off work and did a bit of grocery shopping with the family. Then we came home and I proceeded to sit on the couch, eat bean dip and watch the Heat play while my husband made dinner. Is it a little bit of role reversal? Maybe. But the thing is, in our house and in our marriage, traditional gender roles—mom and dad, man and woman—mean almost nothing. My husband does a lot of the housework, he does most of the cooking and he takes care of the boy when I'm at meetings or working late. And we are remarkably happy with this arrangement.

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"I realized that what we do Memorial Day morning had grown into a family ritual."

How My Husband And Kids Inspired Me To Love Memorial Day

Growing up, I thought I was "too cool" for some of the traditions in my hometown. But my husband, also from my hometown, loves every little bit of it. My job in our marriage was to keep things hip but then we had sons and they became involved in the Memorial Day parade. It found deep meaning for me and the family tradition brought all of us closer than scrapbooks or costume parties ever could.

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50,000 Moms Looking To Cheat After Mother's Day... Yikes.

A seriously bad Mother's Day has prompted a whopping 52,684 moms to cheat? That's what a dating site for affairs, Ashley Madison, says. According to FOX Business, the site reported a 321 percent increase in traffic following Mother's Day, presumably to take advantage of the site's one-day special for free messaging. On an average day, 3,000 women sign up for Ashley Madison, so needless to say, that over-50,000 stat is a huge jump—also up 60% from last Mother's Day when the same offer was on the table.

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Study: Mothers Of Twins Live Longer

If we would have been personally asked to cast a prediction for this study, about whether moms of twins or singleton babies live longer, we would have totally went with mothers of one. Come on. We've been hearing parents tell their clans of kiddos, "Y'all are gonna be the death of me" for ages, haven't you? Chasing after two toddlers at once (and worrying about them) must take a few years off a mom's life, right? Apparently not. New research shows moms of twins actually live longer than moms who just have one baby at a time. Women who birth two children at once are generally stronger from the start, so they tend to live longer.

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Traditional Love

How My First Kiss Changed Everything

I’m guessing that The Girl Who Let Me had been looking at the mountains, waiting for a boy, any boy, to come along. I wish I could remember her name. I said hello, and she said hello, and I said I lived up the road—not mentioning that I was one of the weird missionaries, though later she told me she knew who I was because her uncle disapproved of us Schaeffers and said so. Anyway, that first day she didn’t ask awkward questions. I asked her where she was from, and she answered Paris, and then, with a sudden flash of inspiration, I asked her if she’d like to go for a walk because the crocuses were still blooming only a fifteen-minute hike up the steep path. She said yes!

Jenna Lyons and her son painting nails pink

Poll: What Message Does This Mom Painting Son's Nails Ad Send?

"Lucky for me, I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink. Toenail painting is way more fun in neon." That's the quote, accompanied by a photo of J.Crew's creative director, Jenna Lyons, applying pink polish to 5-year-old son Beckett's toenails, that's caused a firestorm of cultural controversy and had critics crying "transgendered child propaganda." We're pretty sure the minds behind the catalog ad thought the toenail painting was just a cute mother-son activity to highlight on their "Saturday with Jenna" page. Prominent conservatives thought otherwise.