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New study finds that women actually want to have sex after pregnancy.
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Sex After Giving Birth: Women Like It More Than You Think!

Despite the wear-and-tear on a new mother's body, the lack of sleep after a baby is born, and the constant screams of the newborn, science has found that most women are ready to get it on long before the end of the doctor-recommended six-week waiting period.

fifty shades of grey and the problem with mommy porn
Calling 'Fifty Shades of Grey' mommy porn demeans women's sexuality.
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The Problem With 'Mommy Porn'

Mommy porn is a phrase that's been bandied about a lot lately — as we all know--because of the wild success of fifty Shades of Grey. But why the term when it's really just erotica? Is it because women's sexuality is still taboo and still needs to be categorized? Is it because the idea of women enjoying something as "scandalous" as BDSM is so threatening that it needs to be termed "mommy porn" to diminish its potency?

12% of Moms Using Phones-- During Sex!
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12% of Moms Using Phones-- During Sex!

By Jenny Tiegs for GalTime Ah, the kids are in bed, the work day is turned off with a switch of the laptop and you are ready to turn on the romance with your partner. The lights are dimmed, candles are lit with Marvin Gaye softly playing in the background...and, if you're like a lot of other moms, you've got your phone out and ready for some major action!!  

mom and baby sling
When it comes to parenting, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.
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Is Attachment Parenting Bad For Moms?

When my daughter was born, I was determined to be a breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby-wearing, cloth diapering, hippie mama. Nine months later, the only thing that'd stuck was the cloth diapers. I had just started my daughter on formula, she had been in the sling exactly five times and never once slept in her fancy little co-sleeper, which I returned to the store. And yes, I felt like a failure.

young puppy love, valentines day
"Relationships and sex are huge life situations; I don't want to underprepare my kids."
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Why I'm Shielding My Kids From 'Puppy Love'

When it comes to my children and preparing them for romance, I'm pretty conservative. Love, relationships and sex, are all huge life situations that can make or break times of your life and influence who you are and the path your life will take, and I don't want to underprepare my kids by treatly the subject lightly.

sophia loren
Classic sexpot Sophia Loren may have something to do with 2011's #1 baby girl name.
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Most Popular Baby Names Of 2011: The Appeal Of 'Sophia'

Every year when the Social Security administration releases its list of most popular baby names, some parents and parents-to-be are bound to get upset, especially if their baby name is too popular. Who wants to be one of five Sophias in their first-grade class?

mother daughter
Happy Mother's Day! decided to investigate the dating lives of single moms.
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4 Surprising Facts About Single Mothers

Where is all of the love for the single moms of the world? (We're looking right at you, Rick Santorum.) Luckily, has a ton of respect for the single ladies of the world, including those who have birthed a child or two. To celebrate Mother's Day, Match took a look at the profiles of its single-mom users.

Mom—Saint Or Sinner
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Mom—Saint Or Sinner

In honor of Mother’s Day, one of the best gifts you can give your mother is the gift of your accurate perception of her. So often when it comes to our mothers, we tend to do one of two things . . . either put her up on a throne or pedestal or blame her for everything that’s wrong with our lives. She is either canonized or villainized, neither of which help us to have authentic relationships with our mothers.

Mothers Day Gifts
Breakfast in bed is the perfect Mother's Day gift.
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10 Best Mother's Day Gifts, According To Mom

Mothers are constantly giving, which is why it's often tough for them to receive. Ask Mom what she wants for Mother's Day and you'll likely get something in the vein of, "Oh, you don't have to do anything." Sweet, but not terribly helpful.