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Breastfeeding Selfies Are All The Rage, Apparently

There's a new photo trend: breastfeeding selfies. That's right. Intimate breastfeeding moments are making their way to social media. Moms are using the selfie trend to document the intimate mother-child bonding moment (or just to challenge the off-limits status of breastfeeding in public).

mother and daughter
It's not always easy to be Superwoman.
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Confession: Being A Single Mom Is Scary Sometimes

Last night Jack woke up sick. By the time I got to his room he was sitting in a pile of puke, crying. His crying triggered our brand new puppy to start crying and barking. Then I started crying. Alone in the condo, I had to take a deep breath and conquer the situation.

Olivia Wilde and her husband Jason Sudeikis
Olivia Wilde and her husband Jason Sudeikis make such cute co-parents!
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15 Moms Who Are Celebrating Mother's Day For The First Time

From Kim Kardashian to Olivia Wilde, it seems that Hollywood had quite the baby boom in the past year. Let us take time to appreciate these incredible women who have been able to juggle their high profile careers with motherhood and congratulate them on their (relatively) new bundle of joys again!

Mom's always right.
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Mom Knows Best: 10 Ladies Share Their Mothers' Token Love Advice

They're our biggest cheerleaders and our most constructive critics, who want, more than anything, to see us happy, healthy, and when the time — and person — is right, they want to see us in love. Here, women of all ages share the most unbeatable tips their mamas gave them about love, lust and really, really fine wine.

Breast Cancer: It Happened To My Mom
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Breast Cancer: It Happened To My Mom

I first found out my mom had breast cancer when I was 18. I was pursuing a Diploma in Mass Communications at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and in my second of three year studies. My dad was actually the one who told me that doctors suspected my mom to have breast cancer. She was scheduled to go for a biopsy - where cells from her breast would be extracted for cancer.

Life Coach: Avoid Mommy Guilt & Live A Balanced Life
You'll have more energy for your family if you pamper yourself first!
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No More Mommy Guilt! 3 Secrets For Balance & Bliss

Life coach Beverly Pickard knows a thing or two about mommy guilt. Having once been crippled by self doubt, Pickard now empowers women to make themselves a priority to become better mothers and wives. Read on to learn the 3 secrets to how you can become a super mom, too!

pregnant woman at the gym
Did you exercise during your pregnancies?
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Exercising While Pregnant May Boost Your Baby's Brain

It's no newsflash that staying active and healthy while pregnant is the best thing for both mama and baby. But did you know that exercising while pregnant might actually boost your baby's brain? The New York Times recently covered a new study that suggests pregnant moms who are physically active may produce babies with more mature brain development.

Parenting: A Must-See Ode To Mothers
Go mama!
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A Must-See Ode To Mothers

Mothers rock. This we know. But this video takes parenting to a whole new level. Elevation Church of Charlotte, NC performed a little experiment for Mother's Day, and though it's not that time of year yet, we couldn't hold this one back. Watch this video and try not to become a weeping mess (warning: you will fail. Epically).

The Best Reaction To Pregnancy News On The Web
Motherhood is a magical time.
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The Best Reaction To Pregnancy News On The Web

Everyone likes to reveal that they're pregnant in a different way. Some people blurt it out, others write it on a cake, and some get especially creative. But I think we can all agree that the reaction is the best part. Whether it's a husband or mother in law, the reaction is every woman's favorite part of revealing that she's going to be a mom. Check out this primo reaction to the happy news. Caution: it gets loud.

Are You Experiencing The Passion Shift?

Are You Experiencing The Passion Shift?

Can you believe it? Summer's practically half over. And for many working moms it’s a continued juggle of work, family, life, kids out of school and trying to take care of ourselves. I've spent the last few months tuning in to a deeper calling, a mission if you will. Here’s what it is. After working with countless moms in my business as The Entrepreneurial Working Mom, I've discovered that the work isn't just about building a business. It's about honoring your passion. Specifically, it's about honoring The Passion Shift most working moms experience.