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Courage To Make Changes In Life-Overcome Fear (EXPERT)
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Courage To Make Changes In Life-Overcome Fear (EXPERT)

  Are You Afraid and Frustrated? If you are having difficulty turning problems into opportunities, you may be discouraged. You may have a need to build your self esteem in order to overcome fear, doubts and frustrations that are impacting the life you deserve to live. Having courage does not mean that you are free of fear, despair, doubt, frustration or discouragement.It does mean that we are able to meet life's challenges and move forward. Courage is Movement Forward

It's My Birthday:  Make a Wish and Blow

It's My Birthday: Make a Wish and Blow

by Julie Robinson When it comes to sex, there are more than a few questions that make me squirm in my seat: What’s your “number”? Do you ever fuck girls? Is mine the biggest you’ve ever seen, baby? Who’s your Daddy?—they all leave me a bit perplexed about how truthful I want to be without having to launch into a full-blown explanation about my answer. I hate lying but, c’mon, is this really any of your business, buster?


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How to score with a nerd. Some flirting men will not pick up. Some signals he can't possibly miss. Sometimes "no" means "yes," and other confusing communication. Celebrity pickup lines are pretty OK. Five words: sex advice from street vendors. What you need to know about the Nuva Ring. Wearing a hat on a date. Advice on winning back an ex. The bad guy in a breakup also really hurts. And how to date a real life real vampire, really.

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Say One Thing But Mean Another? Welcome To Dating

I recently read Jeff Mac's very funny book, Manslations (Sourcebooks), which is basically a phrase book for ladies to help us decipher the Language of Lads. It's certainly a time-saver for those of us used to spending hours IM'ing our friends, dissecting last night's date's behavior. But the fact is, men aren't the only ones who say one thing and mean another . . . some miscommunications transcend gender lines. Here are eight…