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Man has one woman but looks at another
"That's like asking me if I want to have my cake and eat it too. Who wouldn't say yes?"
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What Guys Really Think … Of Threesomes

Let’s be honest here: Are guys really trying to have threesomes or are they just saying so because they think they should? Threesomes aren't for everybody. They’re extra work, take proper planning and more often than not, someone’s feelings get hurt. So, guys, are you really dying to take two girls into bed with you?

Dating Coach: 9 Reasons to Attract a Drama-Free Woman
The only thing that gets her hot and bothered… is you!
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9 Reasons To Date A Drama-Free Woman

Are you a single male on the lookout for a new love? If so, dating coach Antoinette Cabral has some advice for you. Read on to learn what she has to say about dating... and why drama-free women make the best girlfriends!

hairy guy
"Guys are supposed to have hair everywhere! Backs, knuckles, the works." - Sally
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What Women Really Think … Of Your Body Hair (All Of It)

For this week's "What Women Really Think Of…" we asked women what they think about men's body hair. And when we say body hair, we don't mean just a furry chest, but all of it: backs, happy trails and even their Downtown Curly Browns. The consensus? You might be surprised … or maybe not.

no-shave november, movember
Meet Colin!
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No-Shave November: Interviews With Men In Mustaches, Part 1

Meet our first three bearded/mustachioed gentlemen! Chuck, Kevin and Colin are all growing out their facial hair for a good cause. For those of you not familiar with Movember (aka No-Shave November), men go shave-free for the month of November and raise money for different men's health charities. These are everyday fellas; our husbands, boyfriends, brothers and friends.

Relationship advice for men to stay away from crisis

Relationship advice for men to stay away from crisis

relationship advice for menIf you are reading this post, chances are you feel there are some problems in your relationship or you are looking for some tips to improve your relationship. Maybe you are a lady killer, but when you are in a serious relationship things are little bit different with just playing around. I’m sharing five tips I personally think are important relationship advices for men to consider.  These advices are not my advice, and they are not new at all. I just think it is worth to share them as they worked for me to improve my marriage.

Sex: 9 Hot Guys Doing Yoga
Hot damn!
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9 Hot Guys Doing Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful way to tone your body, train your mind and improve your sex life. A delightful side benefit is the way it shows off your body. In this case, we're talking about the male body, and just how very lovely it is.

10 Reasons More Men Should Get Pedicures
That tickles!
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10 Reasons More Men Should Get Pedicures

More and more men are getting in touch with their feminine side, getting mani-pedis and generally paying more attention to their appearance. And to the rest of you guys out there who haven't yet given it a try, you're missing out. Just ask these 10 fellas about the joys of pedicures.

real love
Don't crowdsource your love life. Trust your gut.

I Found Real Love...Once I Stopped Listening To My Friends

We live in a culture of crowdsourcing. I rarely buy a shirt without sending a pic to my stylish BFF and asking what she thinks. But putting back a piece of clothing because she reminds me that it's not my color is different from tossing aside a perfectly lovely guy, one I might really have something special with, based solely on a friend's commentary. For too long, when I considered whether to date someone, my inner voice said something like: "Well, I'm into him. But how will everyone else feel?"