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7 Ways To Make Lust Last

We'll say it: After you've been with your S.O. for a fair amount of time, the glow wears off just a bit. You no longer feel like jumping him wherever there's a flat surface and your sex life isn't always super-steamy. If you're not careful, the word "monogamy" will eventually become synonymous with "ho-hum." But, that doesn't have to happen! There are totally ways to keep the fire o' love burning for a very long while. The fine people at Men's Health and Women's Health have a few fabulous tips to make lust last in their Big Book of Sex. Here, we let you in on some of our favorites.

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Gerard Butler Wants Less Love, More Sex

In the April issue of Men's Health, Gerard Butler says he's "not a big relationship guy" (duh) and that fame has adversely affected his sex life. The star says, "I think I get laid less now than I used to, because I'm way more paranoid now—look at f***ing Tiger Woods! I mean, I'm nowhere near as naughty as I used to be..."

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Don't Leave All Childish Things Behind

A friend once told me "Growing up's hard, Timmy." Of course it wasn't a friend (they would have known my name, I'd suspect), it was MTV's The State. And that has sort of become a catchphrase for me when hard, adult issues and themes are foisted upon me. There has to be a balance between being a responsible adult and grumpy grown-up. Putting away all childish things sounds like a death sentence.

50 Things Men Wish We'd Remember
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50 Things Men Wish We'd Remember

My self-inflicted inundation with last week’s Spitzer scandal left me feeling some man hate deeper than call-girl-Kristen’s cleavage. That an otherwise intelligent ex-boyfriend justified the father of three’s romp with a “Those girls were hot” response certainly didn’t help. I was left thinking: Are men at the core un-evolved animals interested only in hopping into bed with as many pretty young things as possible? Hence, it was refreshing to start this week anew with a list of real men’s opinions about women. The male staff at Men’s Health recently compiled a list of “50 Things Men Wish You Knew” to accompany a female-created 50-point list outlining what women want from men. While certain entries, such as #7 “Shopping is a chore, not an activity,” come as no surprise, there are certain tidbits that, even if they’re nothing new to you, I believe are beneficial to read and be reminded of.