New author Asa Akira.
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Asa Akira Is Insatiable, And We Love Her For It

Most people know Japanese American beauty Asa Akira as a pornographic actress and director. But now, she's made the jump from sex actress to author. With the release of her first book, a memoir titled Insatiable: Porn—A Love Story, Akira has put her stamp on what is, for her, a new corner of the world.

Use your words as a form of therapy.
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Why Writing A Memoir Will Change Your Life

We all have varied perceptions of what fun is and the types of memories most treasured. Everyone remembers occasions a little bit differently, so your perspective about momentous life events is important and ought to be recorded.

Chely Wright
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Country Music Singer Chely Wright Comes Out

Country singer/songwriter Chely Wright is coming out to People Magazine this week. While her revelation will no doubt shock her mostly conservative fanbase, Chely is done hiding who she is. Although she had to for a long time in order to make it in country music, she says that, "Nothing in my life has been more magical than the moment I decided to come out."

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I Worked As A Dominatrix, But I'm Just Like You

"I specialized in pretty hardcore scenes—what we called corporal scenes. Sort of the meaner scenes," she tells Lemondrop. "Which was interesting, because it didn't seem to fit with my personality. I didn't like those sessions at the beginning. You start by doing the 'sensual sessions' that look like flirty behavior... but that just started to feel uncomfortable—too close to reality. I worked hard not to engage my sexuality in the job. So there was something thrilling about acting out this mean, violent persona. It was so far from who I was or who I'd ever been." Although we've only just met her, we believe her. It's hard to imagine this sweet-sounding professor ever trussing up a naked man like a turkey or, say, dunking his head underwater. But remember—those guys asked her to do it, they paid her for it, and all we have to say is, she worked hard for her money. As if her book weren't revealing enough—and trust us, it is!—Febos agreed to share even more. In her own words, below are 10 Things You Don't Know About My Life As a Dominatrix:

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Thoughts On Love In Six Words

Ah, love stories. The drama! The butterflies! The humor and heartache! Here at YourTango, we can't get enough of love and relationships (uh, clearly), but it's not often that we share our own tales of love. While writing "Love In The Time Of Twitter" about SMITH magazine's new book Six-Word Memoirs On Love & Heartbreak By Writers Famous & Obscure, I asked the YT team to contribute six-word love and relationship memoirs of their own.

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Love In The Time Of Twitter

Following the success of a book of six-word memoirs, SMITH magazine's Six-Word Memoirs On Love & Heartbreak By Writers Famous & Obscure (Harper Perennial) offers all the highs, lows and in-betweens that define matters of the heart in 130 pages-worth of six-word accounts. Here, a few favorites, which capture the humorous, happenstance and heartbreaking sides of the thing we call love.

Hell. Fury. Princess Leia's Memoirs.
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Hell. Fury. Princess Leia's Memoirs.

Star Wars siren Carrie Fisher has a new book coming out about her life. The book, Wishful Drinking, is based on a one woman show she's been performing for some time. The gist is that she's had a lot of f*cked up relationships, hooked up with her fair share of Hollywood, and is blamed by her ex-husband for turning him gay. Also, she was in one of the best episodes of 30 Rock to date.

Affairs: Robert Wagner & Dennis Quaid
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Affairs: Robert Wagner & Dennis Quaid

Robert Wagner lays bare his soul in his new book Piece Of My Heart. The loves of his life are central to the tale including a much older woman. And Meg Ryan was full of the spirit of disclosure as she let the world know that Dennis Quaid was not totally innocent in their 2001 divorce. Good deal.