How To Get A Divorce

How To Get A Divorce

Most who decide to divorce make the mistake of not familiarizing themselves with exactly what that means legally. Emotions rule our decision to divorce but legality rules what will happen once the decision to divorce is made. United States Divorce Laws I urge you to study the divorce laws of your state. To learn what the divorce process is like in your state and to arm yourself with the knowledge needed to protect yourself during the legal divorce process.

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Learn About Divorce Without Consulting A Lawyer

"What Your Divorce Lawyer May Not Tell You: 125 Questions Every Woman Should Ask" is a new book by Mary Rubin. Rubin is a divorcee and the founder of DivorceSource, "the country's first consulting firm specializing in the practical issues of divorce." The book is about the practical, not emotional side of a divorce, and looks like a good resource for women who are in the early-to-mid stages of divorce. It won't answer all your questions but it will give you a basic understanding of how divorce works and will probably help you decide how to move forward.

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Bad UK Study: 59% Of Women / 51% Of Men In Bad Marriages

OK, it is officially a bad day for British marriage. According to a (possibly biased) poll by a UK solicitor 59% of women interviewed would get out of their deal immediately if not for the collateral concerns (money, feelings, et al). And 51% of the men interviewed felt the were in loveless marriages. Before everyone draws too many conclusions from this, keep in mind that it was conducted by a legal office trying to educate people about the value of mediation.

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Collaborative Divorce Is Becoming A Popular Alternative

From The Republican In California this month, Roy Disney (of the Disney fortune) and his wife announced that they intend to dissolve their marriage using the collaborative law practice. This, most likely, will be all that the public hears in the media about the divorce until the Disneys' final judgment is entered in court some months from now.