Christie Brinkley Shines While Protecting Herself [EXPERT]
Christie Brinkley stayed calm on The Today Show while being grilled in an interview.
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Christie Brinkley Shines While Protecting Herself

Women who mistakenly loved psychopaths in the past are often made out to be the trouble-makers while the one creating all the drama sits back and grins. These kind of men have an eerie calm and a manipulative edge to them that can be felt once you are aware of them. We should start listening to the women who are trying to explain that. This kind of man is extremely toxic.

Elizabeth Edwards
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Elizabeth Edwards Is Not Just A Cuckolded Wife

In her first television interview since separating from her husband, former Presidential candidate John Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards speaks to Matt Lauer (a weird choice if you think about his recent bouts of infidelity) about new chapters— both in her life and in her book Resilience, which was released when their marriage was still in tact and she, publicly defending him. My how things have changed. Below, some of Elizabeth's most poignant lines from the interview.

Matt Lauer's suspected mistress Alexis Houston
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Matt Lauer's Suspected Mistress Used To Be A Man

The rumors about Matt Lauer’s personal life just keep getting weirder and weirder. Under his buttoned up suits and every-man persona, does Matt like to let his freak flag fly? After rumors spread that Matt was having an affair with a colleague, some suspected Meredith Viera. Now, according to, the woman Matt cheated on his wife with is not a colleague so much as a transexual.

Rachel Uchitel
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Rachel Uchitel Says She Dumped David Boreanaz

Yesterday, RadarOnline published text messages that they confirmed were sent between David Boreanaz and Rachel Uchitel, which painted Rachel as the needy, jealous mistress and David as a lying scumbag. Sounds about right. However, Rachel can't decide if the texts were "not authentic" or "taken out of context." And basically, Rachel really really wants us to know that she was the winner in this relationship.

Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira
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Did Matt Lauer Leave His Wife For Meredith Vieira?

Another day, another celebrity cheating on his wife. This time it’s Matt Lauer. Surprised? According to the National Enquirer, Matt Lauer has left his wife of 12 years, Annette Roque, after she accused him of having an affair with someone he works with. While the name of the female(s) (yes, there might be more than one!) are still in question, the Internet is all a-twitter that one of the women may be Matt’s co-host, Meredith Vieira.

carrie prejean, chelsea gilligan
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Miss California News (Feat. Michael Phelps)

You may have missed it, but the Miss USA Pageant went a bit sidewards over the weekend. Miss California, Carrie Prejean, gave the "wrong" answer to a question about gay marriage and Judge Perez Hilton second-placed her. This start a tussle over something or other and now everyone's upset. But it turns out that Prejean's grandma says that her granddaughter dates Michael Phelps from time to time, Britney Spears has an opinion and Matt Lauer interviewed the lot of them. Whew.

And Tom Cruise Became Endearing Again
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And Tom Cruise Became Endearing Again

Tom Cruise is back. After years of being publicly a persona non-grata, he's back to his charismatic self. The Valkyrie star seems to have gotten a much-needed dose of humanity from his wife Katie Holmes. Little Suri Cruise didn't hurt. Take that, Matt Lauer!