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Matt Damon Spills His Secrets To A Strong Marriage

With so many Hollywood marriages falling apart lately, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz, Olivia Wilde and her Italian prince, Jaime Pressly and her husband, among others makes us wonder what goes wrong. Fear not, one Hollywood hottie dishes says he’s got the secret to a strong marriage. Matt Damon opened up to People about the reasons why he isn’t headed to divorce court anytime soon.

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Is Green Zone A Date Movie?

This Friday (March 12) Matt Damon is back to his badass, running, gunning and thinking ways with Green Zone. The handsome Oscar-ino (for Best Original Screenplay) teams up with "Bourne" episodes 2 and 3 director Paul Greengrass for this political blow 'em up. The big question, though, is "Green Zone" a date movie?

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The Hottest 30 Celebrities In Their 30s

Hollywood worships at the altar of youth. But people, even really good-looking people, often don't hit their prime until their 30s. In your fourth decade you've grown past the self-consciousness of youth, you've learned from the mistakes in your 20s, and you know and appreciate yourself more than ever. To celebrate the sexiness that 30 brings, we've constructed a list of the hottest 30 celebrities in their 30s. Be forewarned: you will not see the Angelinas and and Leos of the world on this list (because, well, they're too obvious); you will see some of the hottest thirtysomethings from sports, TV, stage and the silver screen.

Damon, Affleck, Ricky Martin & Kids
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Damon, Affleck, Ricky Martin & Kids

We have a Hollywood baby roundup. It looks like Ricky Martin's a papa (of 2 children). Matt Damon and wife Luciana have added a little girl to their household. And Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner confirmed that they have a second lil girl on the way.

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More Celebrity Pregnancy Mayhem

It seems like e'rbody in Hollywood is having a baby. So, it's no real surprise that Kimora Lee Simmons is pregnant by her new boo Djimon Hounsou. But we didn't realize that Matt Damon was in the babymaking business. He and wife Luciana have their second one on the way. Good times for big stars.