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the one
It's okay to have doubts.

How To Know If He's "The One" — And What That Even Means

How do you know if he's The One? The one you'll be with forever, the one you want to marry, your one true love? Do soul mates really exist? Professional matchmaker Rachel Greenwald investigates the search for Mr. Right. "How does anyone ever know who's right for them in the long run? Everywhere I go, I meet smug married couples who love to relate the moment they 'just knew' they'd found their life partners. As far as I'm concerned, it's revisionist history; if the marriage in question has worked out so far, they say they acted on their rock solid gut. But if it ended in divorce, they confess to earlier doubts. To be frank, I don't believe anyone can really know this kind of information for sure—and I speak not just from my college relationship, or from all my years as a dating coach, but from reflecting back on my own 1992 wedding."