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bad first date
"Hair. Definitely hair. I just can't with bad hair or no hair." - Jennie, 32.
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Shoes 'n Tattoos: 11 Singles Reveal How They Judge A First Date

For the fourth year in a row, conducted their annual "Singles in America" study so that, you, the singles of the world, could see exactly where you rank amongst your fellow singles. While the study delved into how people met their most recent first date, what topics to avoid, and appropriate behavior at night's end, it also found that people can be very, VERY judgmental when it comes to their date.

Dating Websites: Why They Work
It'd be great to meet someone in person, but it's also not impossible to do so online.
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Why Online Dating Works: A Rebuttal

Dating expert Evan Marc Katz offers a rebuttal to a recent article by expert Charles Orlando arguing against dating websites. According to Katz, not only do these sites get results, they're a practical, efficient way to meet people. Read on for the juicy scoop!

Online Dating: Why We're All Buying Into A Scam
Will a healthy dose of skepticism tip the scales in your favor?

Online Dating: Is It All Just One Big Web Of Lies?

Online dating advice encourages singles to sign up for monthly or yearly commitments on their search for love. The sites claim they can match you with your soulmate, but this relationship expert isn't so sure that's the case. Here's his theory on why online dating might not be the best path to true love.

How to Create a Heart-Catching Online Dating Profile
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How to Create a Heart-Catching Online Dating Profile

10 Tips that Guarantee You'll Stand Out When it comes to online dating, your profile is the initial factor in determining the type and quality of men you'll attract. Spend thoughtful time in developing or updating your profile because what you put out there is what you'll attract. Here are 10 tips for creating a profile that will catch his eyes and heart.

4 Myths About Online Dating
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4 Myths About Online Dating

Recently a reporter interviewed me for a piece they were doing on online dating. At first I was a bit stumped. As a couples therapist I tend to deal with people who already have a partner, and many of my individual therapy clients report a great variety of positive and negative dating experiences, whether they started online or off. So rather than purely going by anecdotal evidence, I reviewed a few formal studies, and especially the findings of a 2011 German study are worth sharing.

How to Save Money When It comes to Online Dating

How to Save Money When It comes to Online Dating

It's said that life is better with company and that is very true but what if you can't find your soul-mate? What you can't find that perfect someone? Well some people hit up the bar scene hoping to find "the one". But most people now of days try their luck with online dating websites such as eHarmony and With more and more people looking online to find their perfect match its no surprise that the online dating business is a billion dollar industry and growing.

wedding bored
"Hey buddy, what's the Giants score?"
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10 Reasons Men Get Married Even If They're Not In Love

Just when you think the world is full of love and sunshine and rainbows, yet another study comes along and smacks you in the face to prove otherwise. Turns out that a lot of men don't enter into commitments like marriage out of a genuine bond toward a woman — they seem to do it just because. Let's explore, shall we?

love keyboard
A new study reveals online daters' photo and profile preferences.
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Online Dating Study: Men Want To See Less Writing, More Boobs

Online dating is a lot like a job in sales. Only rather than convincing potential customers to purchase a product, you're persuading them to invest their time in getting to know you. The reward? A few dates and, if you're lucky, a serious relationship.

Up All Night: Top 10 U.S. Cities With Sleepless Singles is hosting an all-night event for singles tonight, Aug. 30!
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Up All Night: Top 10 U.S. Cities With Sleepless Singles

In promotion for their upcoming "Up All Night" event (it's free!), did some investigating into which cities are more likely to have singles prowling the streets looking for love between midnight and 6 a.m. Although most people would think New York City would make number one on the list, it didn't even make it into the top 10 — although (no...sleep...'til) Brooklyn did!

Dating Olympics 2012
Let the dating games begin!
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Dating Olympics 2012: Who's The Hottest In The World?

With Olympics fever in the air, maybe we can take a lesson or two from other countries when it comes to dating. recently surveyed singles in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Japan, France and Canada to see just how different, or the same, dating is in these countries. Let the (love) games begin!

couple sharing food
Is it important to like the same foods as the guy you're dating?
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Food & Dating: The Surprising Turn-Off Most Singles Have

Could you only date a fellow meat-eater or a fellow vegetarian? and recently got together for a survey of 4,000 singles called "Love Bites" that investigated the correlations between eating, drinking and being merry when it comes to dating.

couple wine in bar
"Should we continue this conversation online?"
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What Do You Get When You Combine Online Dating & The Bar Scene?

I've always wished there was a way to combine the two very different worlds that I've come to know and love: the Manhattan bar scene and online dating. While one is filled with hot shoes, delicious drinks and great music, the other is ripe with single, attractive and commitment-ready guys actively looking for a girl like me to date.