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Twitter Top 10: Who To Follow For Marriage Advice

We've already introduced you to so many fabulous and knowledgeable Twitter folks. There were the ones dispensing dating advice. ... The guys who are tweeting about love (and, okay, a fair amount of sex). ... The actual sexperts. And the advice columnists. So where can we go from here? How about directly down the aisle? Today, we present to you 10 YourTango-approved tweeps tweeting about marriage.

Love Buzz

Unusual Ways To Tie The Knot

Not everyone has his or her heart set on tying the knot in a traditional way. It’s becoming increasingly common for couples to seek out locations that are a bit more unique and memorable. These six awe-inspiring places—from simple to simply over-the-top—are sure to leave you and your guests breathless.

Should You Marry Young?

Should You Marry Young? [VIDEO]

 If you married right out of college, is your marriage doomed to fail?  The LoveFeed dishes advice on how to grow up without growing apart.    The LoveFeed is YourTango's daily round-up of love, sex and relationship news and trends. New episodes Tuesday-Saturday.