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Speculating will only drive you crazy.

Adultery: What Are the Warning Signs?

If you believe infidelity is tearing apart your partnership but are too afraid to ask, there may be even bigger issues at play. Marriage and couples counselor Larry Michel gives you the courage to get to the bottom of things.

Is Your Psychotherapist The Right One For You?
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Is Your Psychotherapist The Right One For You?

Some people think that going to a therapist is like going to a car mechanic. They expect the therapist to diagnose a specific problem and fix it just as the mechanic puts in new brake pads or readjusts the carburetor. These clients expect something to happen to them. That is not the case. Don’t expect your therapist to have all the answers. Therapists don’t come with crystal balls.

12 Signs Your Husband Is Happily Married [EXPERT]
Make him feel appreciated and he'll never want to leave.
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12 Signs Your Husband Is Happily Married

We call it "dropping the bomb" syndrome and it usually follows the same pattern: one partner believes their marriage is going along fine when the other suddenly announces it's over; finished, done, period. It turns out that things were far from fine; there was a lot of denial going on, a lot of saying 'yes' when you mean 'no' and a lot of unexpressed anger simmering just below the surface. When that simmer reaches a boil, the bomb drops. How can you know if your husband is really happily married? Is there a way to tell if your marriage is bomb proof? When he says "I love you" can you believe it? Here are ten ways to know he's happy in your marriage.