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Can You “Catch” Divorce?
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Can You “Catch” Divorce?

Sarah feels sick to her stomach. She just found out that her best friend’s marriage is over. Sarah always thought that her friend, Kay had a healthy relationship, but it seems that appearances were deceiving. Even Kay was surprised to discover how unhappy her husband was-- especially after she caught him cheating with another woman.

pages of book shaped like heart
Remember how much you love each other.

Adultery: What's The Key To Forgiveness?

Forgiveness can be one of the hardest things to offer after infidelity, but these relationship experts explain why it's important to open yourself up to healing. Discover why playing the victim is harmful to your emotional recovery, and how placing the blame makes it hard to move forward.

Marriage Educator: The Sixth Love Language
Which language do you speak best?
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The Lost Love Language

Gary Chapman outlined five love languages, but this marriage educator has a sixth that will bring you even closer to your partner. How do you express your affection?

Dating Ms. Jekyll and Marrying Mrs. Hyde
Love can be an evil thing when it's fake.
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Dating Ms. Jekyll and Marrying Mrs. Hyde

You think you've found the perfect guy or girl, but your partner might be different while you're dating them, and change once you're married. See what our expert has to say to make sure that doesn't happen.

marriage, husband before kids
A new baby changes the whole relationship dynamic.

Why I Always Put My Husband Before My Child

Because I want to stay happily married and give our three-year-old son the kind of joyful home I didn't have while I was growing up, I put my marriage first. That's right. My husband comes before anyone else in my life, including my beloved child.