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Michelle Obama
"Barack Obama is still the same man I fell in love with all those years ago."
Celebrity Love

Happy 50th Birthday, Michelle Obama! 10 Of Her Best Love Quotes

Today, Michelle Obama turns 50! Her husband may be president of the United States, but the First Lady's no slouch herself. One often overlooked aspect of the First Lady is her sage advice on love and relationships! And as a mother of two girls and wife of 22 years, Michelle's got a lot of meaningful experience to back up her words.

Dating Coach: Keep The Spark Alive
Rediscover the gratitude you have for your partner.
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Fall In Love With Your Man ... All Over Again!

If the daily stressors of life are putting a damper on your relationship, listen up: you CAN find your loving place again. Dating coach and matchmaker Marla Martenson has some great ideas for reminding yourself — and your honey — how lucky you are!

Dr. Romance: Ending your Marriage
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Dr. Romance: Ending your Marriage

Relationships: 3 Tips to Know when to Get Out of your Marriage and File For Divorce As a counselor, I’ve helped lots of couples solve difficult relationship problems, but it isn’t always possible. Here are three reasons to know it’s time to let it go:

Marriage Educator: What 'The X Factor' Can Teach Us About Love
Couples who support each other's dreams report higher rates of happiness.
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What 'The X Factor' Can Teach Us About Love

Experts Stuart Fensterheim and Kanya Daley offer couples four tips to taking a good relationship to the next level: greatness! Citing an X Factor couple as an example, these relationship experts and marriage educators explain what you can do to take home the big prize in your own relationship.

Love: Why Unconditional Love Doesn't Exist In Real Life
Do you think that your "grown up love" is boring?
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Unconditional Love: Is It Real Or Just A Romantic Illusion?

Marriage educator Kathe Skinner takes a look at unconditional love and explains why it's a romantic illusion. The real world has real problems, and it's important you and your partner look at your love and relationship realistically. Read on to learn ways you can keep your relationship on the right track.

Celebrity Relationship Spotlight Real Housewives of Atlanta
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Celebrity Relationship Spotlight Real Housewives of Atlanta

In this article I wanted to do a celebrity spotlight on two relationships that I find interesting and that contain problems that could happen in any relationship.  Both of the relationships stem from, the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  And although there are many problems on this show, the relationships that I would like to focus on is Todd and Kandi as well as Pheadra and Apollo.

Relationship Expert: Emotional Infidelity & Cheating
Are you dancing into dangerous territory?
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The Sneaky Nature Of Emotional Infidelity

You may not be having a sexual affair, but if you find yourself forming a deep and meaningful bond with someone who's not your partner, you might be treading dangerous water. Steer your relationship back on course with this expert advice.