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It's March Madness time. Tips for how to watch the games with your guy.
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5 Tips For Watching Sports With Your Guy If You Don't Have A Clue

There is this stereotypical perception out there that women are total nags when their guys are trying to watch the big game. She's asking what color paint swatch would look best on the dining room walls, prodding him about where he left the vacuum, insisting that he kill that massive spider, basically doing everything but letting him watch the game...

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She totally looks like she would school you at sports knowledge, right?

I'm A Female Sports Fan—Why Is This A Turn-Off?

My female friends always think my mad love of sports will consistently win the hearts of guys the world over. For some reason, they believe this is the magical key that will make men utter, "Marry me" on the first date. Ha. They're always in for a surprise when I tell them negative reactions usually ensue.

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Who did you pick to win it all? She's had her bracket filled out for days already...
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March Madness Time: 5 Reasons To Date A Girl Who Loves Sports

If you know Anthony Davis is No. 1-seed Kentucky's freshman phenom or that you should never count Tom Izzo's Spartans or Coach K's Blue Devils out, this is for you. Reasons guys should date ladies who love sports. (But we can still send it out to dudes en masse as a reminder...)

Ready to deal with your guy's basketball obsession?
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What Guys Think Links: Ready For March Madness?

It's less than a week to the world's greatest and most romantic holiday: St. Patrick's Day. The beer is green, the corned beef is hashed and the eyes are smiling. Ahhh, thanks for chasing out all them snakes, Pat. Not to mention... It's time to make your March Madness bracket, or ignore your guy for doing so.

asian fetish
This guy is really into Asian women and pain.

8 Signs He May Have An Asian Fetish

As a resident of New York City and a fan of professional athletics, I'm duty-bound to somehow comment on the "Linsanity" currently taking place with the New York Knickerbockers. Jeremy Lin, a Harvard graduate, has begun starting for the Knicks and taken the hearts of New Yorkers. But there have been some "racist" bumps along the way. Is having an Asian fetish racist? Here's how to tell if a guy has one

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She Watches Sports While I Man The Kitchen

I grew up in a family where sports was not a major part of life. We played an occasional game of badminton or croquet and maybe tossed a softball, but we never followed sports in the newspaper or on television. When it came to baseball cards, I chewed the gum and threw out the cards. When I read the newspaper, the sports section went untouched. All of that changed when I met my wife. As our relationship blossomed, so did my understanding of sports. Under her guidance, I learned about college basketball and March Madness along with terms like Sweet Sixteen and the Final Four. We and our kids now enjoy the annual tradition of filling out the brackets, even if it frustrates me that her bracket predictions are usually more accurate than mine.

How To Enjoy Watching Sports With Your Man [VIDEO]
How To Enjoy Watching Sports With Your Man

How To Enjoy Watching Sports With Your Man

Does the start of fall mark your transformation into a sports widow? Does spring fever mean the only home runs being scored are on the baseball diamond? And does March Madness leave you playing one-on-one, solo? If so, take a time out and watch Love U's "How To Enjoy Watching Sports With Your Man."

I'm A March Madness Widow
Yeah, he's never leaving the couch.

I'm A March Madness Widow

Some guys love sports so much that, well, it sometimes seems like they'd rather spend time filling out brackets than talking with you. Carrie Melago's boyfriend is obsessed with March Madness; in this essay she explores his love of college basketball, and her love for him. "Jon turned to me and smiled. 'Can you hand me the sports section?' he asked. I suppose I should have expected this: It is mid-March, the time when many a man's fantasy turns to college hoops. In the coming weeks, I knew from experience, there would be brackets to fill out and seemingly endless games to watch with hawk-like vigor. But that wasn’t all. For three weeks a year, Jon logs endless hours on the phone talking to friends, who discuss players as if they know them. Is J.R. Reynolds an old buddy from college I haven't met yet?, I’ll wonder. Oh, right, no, he’s a guard at U.V.A."

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Beat The Boys At Bracketology!

Ready to attack that bracket? YourTango asked ten women their methods of approaching the Madness. Though they might not all agree, each has a time-tested strategy. So, whether you're looking to conquer your company's office pool, gain bragging rights over your boyfriend, or win millions online, pick your favorite and get in the game.