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So you're leaving, huh?
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Love Bytes: It's OK To Break Off An Engagement

It's OK to break off a bad engagement. Let's keep our relationships off Facebook. Facebook may be wrecking your relationships. Have an awesome Valentines Day even if you're alone. How do you let your partner know they need to lose some weight. How to make any man love you.

Why I Believe in Online Dating
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Why I Believe in Online Dating

Mary Kay Beckman found someone she was interested in dating. After going on a handful of dates with Wade Ridley, she decided that he wasn't a suitable companion. Unfortunately, this did not go over well with Mr. Ridley, and he began harassing and threatening Ms. Beckman through text messages. Circumstances escalated and one night when she arrived at her home in Las Vegas, Mr. Ridley viciously attacked her and almost killed her.