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Timmy Gordon On Facebook Status Changes

After a video about Facebook came out featuring Timmy Gordon, his life has been completely different. In today's episode, Timmy reflects on decisions he may have made differently and how better manners on the electric friendship generator may have kept him out of the slammer.

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Facebook Manners And You

Do you have good Facebook manners? Timmy and Alice don't. Watch to learn the dos and don'ts of breaking up via Facebook.

One-Night Stand Etiquette

One-Night Stand Etiquette

Miss Manners didn't write a manual for one night stands, but that doesn't mean there are no rules. Though thousands of pages have been written what to do at dances and dinner parties, on how to treat your date and your mate, precious little has been written about what to do with that guy you hooked up with after your cousin's wedding... the one you don't really want to see again. But manners haven't changed much from kindergarten days (except maybe for the one about biting), and you can navigate this situation—like many—by employing the basics: Don't leave your things lying around. Be honest. And say 'Thank you.'

Women Men Love: The Secrets Revealed

Women Men Love: The Secrets Revealed [VIDEO]

In this episode of "That's What He Said," find out what men think about turns on and turn offs. Turn ons: a sultry complexion, a sexy calf, spunkiness, big lips and big noses. Turn offs: Bad table manners, singing too loudly, cursing, and an unkempt.. back of the head?