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Last Minute Date? How To Get Sexy In A Matter Of Seconds

Heading out for a date after a long day out-and-about has its dilemmas. You can either reapply your makeup or make sure your products last through the entire day. That leaves the morning question: do you go natural for the office or bold for the date after? Finding a balance between the two where you don't look drab for your date but also don't look vampy at work isn't as hard to achieve as it may seem.

Girl putting on make up
Finding the perfect foundation can be like looking for a needle in the haystack.
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Say Goodbye To Oily Skin: Look Fresh-Faced For Your Date

Is there anything more disheartening than carefully applied makeup that refuses to stay put? The disappearing base is an unfortunate side effect for those of us who have, shall we say, dewy t–zones. And while there are certain benefits to having oily skin, the prospect of fewer wrinkles down the line is cold comfort when you're on your fifth blotting sheet of the day.

Minka Kelly Makeup
Put a sultry spin on seasonal skin with a warm (yet sun-safe) bronze.
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Get the Look: 6 Hot Holiday Makeup Ideas

Impressing that special someone this holiday season? From the seductive smoky eye to a flirty retro, find one of these celeb-inspired makeup tups to match that smoking hot holiday dress.

19 Makeup Tips To Beat The Summer Heat
For instance, makeup with a lighter texture will keep you looking fresh-faced.
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19 Beauty Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

Our no-sweat strategies for warm-weather beauty, makeup and hair will keep you looking gorgeous no matter how hot and humid it gets this summer.

The 9 Weirdest Faces We Make When Putting On Makeup
A little primping goes a long way.
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The 9 Weirdest Faces We Make When Putting On Makeup

Ladies, we've all been there. Studiously putting on makeup when you take a serious look in the mirror, and notice the ridiculous face you’re making. Goofy as we may look, it is inarguable the best way to put on makeup. But the fact is, we look weird as all get out. Recognize any poses from this list?

Date Night: Makeup Ideas Guys Love
One beauty trick that never fails? A smoky eye paired with a come hither stare.
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5 Makeup Ideas That Guys Love

When it comes to turning guys on, trendy makeup looks never do the trick. If you really want to turn up the heat on your next date, opt for a simpler, more low-key makeup look.