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He live-tweets mean things while watching "Girls" on HBO? Dating red flag.
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Love Bytes: 13 Dating Red Flags From Pop Culture

13 new dating red flags. Are men just stupid? Seven reasons men lie. Guess among what age group STDs are on the rise. A romance novel about Britney and K-Fed. Inside a Wiccan sex coven. And more...

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Leap-frogging on the beach? You're probably a great couple.
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Love Bytes: 7 Signs He's "The One"

Seven signs you're meant to be. Let's be careful when we use the word "crazy." A man proposed in court to the lady who stabbed him. Is life easier for pretty people? A dating site for daddy issues. Is there a link between maternal obesity and autism? Tucker Max and Planned Parenthood are not friends. Twelve great reasons to date a baseball player. Seven sexual things that The Bible is cool with.

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Why hasn't he proposed yet?
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Love Bytes: 5 Reasons He Hasn't Proposed... Yet (Be Optimistic!)

Five reasons he's not proposing. Nine ways to strengthen your relationship. Why (why NOT?) Don Draper would make a bad boyfriend. Can bad sex be fixed? How do you get rid of his crazy ex-girlfriend? Are you starting fights just for attention? 25 grand first-date ideas. Plus, how to support your parents during their divorce.

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January Jones in "Mad Men."
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Love Bytes: Love Lessons From 'Mad Men'

Some women like some chivalry some of the time: examples. Some Republicans are okay with birth control. Why do married fellas like porn? Can guys really have multiple orgasms? His favorite sexual position is a bit of a surprise. Stop falling into the same old dating patterns. Don't let intrusive newlywed questions get you down. $10 spring date plans. And, what can 'Mad Men' teach us about love?

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If You Want To Get Married, Don't Be A B**ch

Listen up, ladies: if you want to get married, you need to stop being a shallow bitch and slut. At least that's what Mad Men writer Tracy McMillan has to say in the Huffington Post this week, and though she's not a relationship expert, she does know a thing or two about finding the one (or not finding the one), as she herself has been married three times.

Christina Hendricks Harper's Bazaar Cover
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Christina Hendricks: Polyamorous Love Object?

Christina Hendricks' voluptuous, size 14 body may not be typical in Hollywood, but the world seems to have fallen in love with the gorgeous, flame-haired Mad Men actress - or, at the very least, would like a piece of her! In a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar, Christina revealed that she attracts attention everywhere she goes, and not just from her husband Geoffrey Arend: “Women hit on me," she said in the November issue of the magazine. "My husband thinks it’s so odd that so many women hit on me.”

Elisabeth Moss Fred Armisen
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Elisabeth Moss & Fred Armisen Split

It looks like January Jones isn’t the only single Mad Men star on set. Elisabeth Moss, 27, who plays Peggy on the AMC drama, has reportedly split from her husband of 10 months, 42-year-old Fred Armisen of SNL fame. “Fred and Elisabeth separated in May. Fred is currently in Portland, Ore. on the set of his new series Portlandia. Elisabeth is in LA focusing on her career and spending quiet time with friends,” said a source to Life & Style Magazine.

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10 Timeless Love Quotes From Mad Men

Over the course of 4 seasons, the characters of Mad Men have had their fair share of romantic drama—and they've given us some great quotes about love along the way. We admit that a lot has changed since the smoke-filled 1960's (we would never pour a glass of whiskey at a business meeting or be able to pull of any of Joan Holloway's outfits). But matters of the heart never seem to change. We love these 10 quotes from the always-clever Mad Men... after all, nobody says it better than the wordsmiths of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

Jon Hamm and longtime girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt
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Jon Hamm Likes The Unmarried Life

In Sunday's long-awaited season premiere of Mad Men, we discovered a different Don Draper—something of a sad sack who just can't get his act together. But Don's failed marriage isn't something his portrayer, Jon Hamm, expects to ever experience, since the tall, dark and handsome actor has revealed that he can't see himself ever walking down the aisle.

christina hendricks
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How To Get Joan Holloway's Sexy Look

It's no wonder Esquire named actress Christina Hendricks the Sexiest Woman Alive earlier this year. Her pinup style is smoking hot, whether she's off-screen or playing the role of Mad Men's sexy secretary Joan Holloway. With the return of the series just around the corner, try your hand at her retro makeup and style that men love.

January Jones Bobby Flay
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Are January Jones And Bobby Flay Having An Affair?

As the news came trickling in this weekend about January Jones' hit and run last week, things started to get suspicious. Was it two cars or four? Wait, now it's three. And was that alcohol on her breath? Did she really flee the scene, or was she merely doing the responsible thing and returning home to phone the police? And what about Bobby Flay? What in God's good name was he doing there? Could the Mad Men star be banging the Food Network's favorite ginger?

christina hendricks joan holloway
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Celebrate Secretary's Day With A Secretary Fantasy

Calling all Joan Holloway fans: April 21 is Administrative Professional's Day (aka Secretary's Day), so why not celebrate it with a bit of fantasy? While most of us will probably never have an affair with our silver-haired boss, with a little imagination we can all be sexy secretaries.

Christina Hendricks husband Geoffrey Arend
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Christina Hendricks Is Madly In Love In Esquire

Geoffrey Arend must be feeling like the luckiest man on the planet right now. Not only has his curvaceous actress wife, Christina Hendricks, just been named “the best-looking woman in America” by Esquire but, thanks to a dishy interview Hendricks gave the magazine, it also sounds like they are madly in love! The redheaded Mad Men star revealed how Arend wooed her by giving her a thoughtful book and offered up some choice tidbits about what she does and doesn’t love about men.

Jeremy Piven, January Jones
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New Couple Alert: January Jones And Jeremy Piven

Although Mad Men's January Jones took her dad to Sunday night's Golden Globes (awwww), she was spotted leaving the Chateau Marmont after-party with Entourage star Jeremy Piven. The two were looking very cozy, walking arm in arm, but went separate ways when they spotted the paps. Could they have hooked up later?