50 Things You Should Try For Hotter Sex
Choose the Right Lube for You and Your Body
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Choose the Right Lube for You and Your Body

During Lucky Bloke's ongoing Global Condom Reviews, we continually find that most people have little idea that the right lube would radically improve sex. And we recognize that those curious to explore lube often have no idea where to begin. We're here to share an international opportunity to explore choosing the best lubricants for you (and potentially, your partner). You see, sex with the right lube is fantastic. Think great sex times ten. Yet there are many lube myths that may be keeping it out of your bedroom.

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"Guys might sometimes feel like they’re bad in bed. It's a huge blow to our egos."
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What Guys Really Think ... Of Your Goodie Drawer

While every woman's drawer is different, what do guys think of what you've got stashed away? And how do they feel when you're the first to suggest some sexy-time toys? You'd be surprised.

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Turns out lube helps your relationship outside the bedroom, too.
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3 Women Reveal How Lube Changed More Than Just Their Sex Lives

It's no surprise that using a lubricant can enhance your sex life. But what about the rest of your love life — communication, emotional attachment, and intimacy beyond the bedroom? We talked to three real women about life before and after lube. You might be surprised by what they had to say!

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What's he really thinking when you suggest using lube in bed?
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What Men Really Think About Lube

It's easy to buy a sexual lubricant. Different varieties are available at drugstores, in specialty shops, or online, if you're the shy type. But what's not always as easy? Introducing lube to your guy. Some women feel embarrassed to mention the slippery stuff, or lack thereof, in the heat of the moment.

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How much do you really know about lube?
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6 Facts About Lube Everyone Should Know

What's lube got to do with it? In this article, everything. Whether you're looking to spice up your relationship or just want to enjoy sex more, a personal lubricant may be exactly what the doctor doesn't have to order. But before you visit that special aisle, get informed with these six essential lube facts.

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Start erasing your sex mistakes now.
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3 Sex Mistakes You Should Avoid

Over the course of the last month, we collected 1,300 reader responses for an Astroglide-sponsored survey all about sex. We got glimpses into where, when and how our users are hooking up, and—from the results—compiled three major mistakes we all should avoid when it comes to sex.

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Hurry! Take the survey before Wednesday, May 16 for a chance to win!
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Last Chance: Take Our Survey & Win A $100 Astroglide Gift Card

For the past month, we've asked YourTango fans to take a survey for the chance to win a $100 gift card from Astroglide. We're not talking about a long, boring survey that will put you to sleep. We're talking about a quick, six-question survey about everyone's favorite topic: sex.

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How do you use lube in the bedroom?
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4 New And Fun Ways To Use Lube With Your Man

Are we being a little too vanilla when it comes to lube usage? Can we put that bottle to work more often in the bedroom? As a matter of fact, yes. We sat down with relationship educator and author of Hot Monogamy, Pat Love, to brainstorm a few out-of-the-box ways lube can make hot sex even hotter.

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Why do people use lubricant? Let us count the ways...
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10 Reasons To Use Lube

It's safe to say most people know the general purpose of lube; that purpose being to "wet the pipes" for smoother sexual sailing. But lube is good for much more than a quick pre-intercourse application. That little tube can bring intensified pleasure, longer-lasting sex and some pretty kinky foreplay, too.