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Love Your Body: Exercise Can Be A Happiness Ritual
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Love Your Body: Exercise Can Be A Happiness Ritual

How are you keeping up with your resolution of regular exercise? If it is not going well, you are not alone! On this Valentine's day renew your vows with your body. The other day at the end of my class, people got quite hyped up to make time to do something for themselves.  Some of them made a commitment to start going to the gym. Sounded like a great idea! But experience tells me that, by the  next class more than half will report that they didn’t have time or the motivation. So what would help to be more successful?

But I AM a size 4!

Who Are You Trying To Fool With Those Spanx?

Spanx is quickly becoming to shapewear what Kleenex is to tissues. It starts with a bit of a paradox; tight clothes look terrible on a person with a little extra weight BUT extremely tight under-clothing can be used to masquerade that plump.

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Rock that bod!
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11 Ways To Love Your Body

The verdict is in: Bad body image has all kinds of detrimental affects on your life. The way we see it, you have two options: Sit on your hands and wallow or get up and do something about it, and we urge you to try the latter.

perfect body
Different cultures have vastly different definitions of beauty.

I Had The 'Perfect' Body ... And I Hated It

Being "too thin" may sound like a problem most women would give anything to have, but my reality is different. My culture places a greater emphasis on being curvy. I didn't realize the irony of my "problem" until I started working in a predominantly caucasian office. Most of my coworkers with were obsessed with being skinny. It was strange to me; all of these women were struggling for a body like mine, but when I looked at them, I secretly wished I were their size.

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There's no such thing as "too fat to date."

Help! I'm Too Fat To Date

Have you recently gained weight? Are you wondering whether to lose weight before diving back into the dating scene? If so, help is on the way.

young woman with bangs looking in mirror
Do you feel attractive?

Help! I Don't Feel Attractive

Do you struggle with bad body image? Are you aware of its negative impact on your love life, but unable to do anything about it? If so, help is on the way.

african american mother and daughter
Love your kids? Love your body.
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Your Bad Body Image & Your Kids: A Dangerous Combination

In all my years as a parent educator, I have never met parents who earnestly wanted to hurt their children. Most parents sincerely want to encourage and empower their children to lead strong, successful lives. However, it is their lack of mindfulness that defaults into old patterns and belief systems that teach their children harmful messages rather accidently.

healthy body image
How can moms help their daughters grow up with a healthy body image?
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Can I Stop My Girls From Hating Their Bodies?

As a woman, body image issues have drifted in and out of my life for as long as I can remember. They're that little albatross I can't quite shake: Every time I squeeze into a pair of jeans or put on my swimsuit for my daughters' Saturday morning lessons, every time I turn sideways to see my reflection in a mirror or compare myself to someone beautiful. They're the questions that tumble around in my head: Am I old? Am I fat? Am I pretty? When my daughter started asking the same questions, I knew it was time to break the cycle.

pressure to be skinny
Many women would rather be underweight than a healthy weight.

The Pressure To Be Skinny: Women Do The Most Damage

From websites devoted to fat-shaming celebrities to "thinspiration" Pinterest boards, it’s safe to say there's a pervasive message out there: women should be skinny in order to be beautiful. And it's not men who are applying the pressure. Women are consistently more critical of other women than men are to women. Why are we so hard on one another?