Don Zimmer and his wife, Soot
Ever since saying 'I do' at home plate, these two are almost as legendary as his career.
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Married At Home Plate: The Love Story Of Baseball's Don Zimmer

Don Zimmer or "Popeye" was an iconic baseball player, manager and coach, who passed away today. Sports fans already know his illustrious career on the field, but fewer people know about the second love of his life: his wife of 60-plus years, "Soot." In 1951, he married Carol Jean Bauerle, the girl he been dating since the 10th grade. They exchanged "I do's" at home plate during a minor league game in New York. And as for their less-than-conventional wedding theme? "I'd do it again," she said.

New author Asa Akira.
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Asa Akira Is Insatiable, And We Love Her For It

Most people know Japanese American beauty Asa Akira as a pornographic actress and director. But now, she's made the jump from sex actress to author. With the release of her first book, a memoir titled Insatiable: Porn—A Love Story, Akira has put her stamp on what is, for her, a new corner of the world.

Remember this one?
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The Greatest Wedding Cake Of All Time Has Been Topped

A few weeks ago, there surfaced a wedding cake that stole our breath. The tiered cake featured the story of a couple meeting, falling in love and getting married. It was stunning. But it also caused confusion for many people, who 'read' from top to bottom, instead of the other way around, and thought it was the story of a divorce. Not so! But now, an anniversary cake has taken things to the next level.

Who would you pick as number 1?
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The 6 Most Dysfunctional Couples In Literature

Okay, so have you ever wondered if you and your sweetie are 'normal'? You probably aren't. The fact is, we're all a little weird, in our own way. But if you really need to feel better, try out the top dysfunctional couples in these six love stories.

Reading love stories
Bonus points if you read these stories with your significant other!

5 Truly Inspiring Love Stories From Real Couples

Casablanca. The Notebook. Brokeback Mountain. There's something about epic love stories that can soften even the hardest of hearts — and it's not just the stuff of fairytales. Second chances at first love are very real. In fact, we gathered five inspiring love stories from five amazing couples to prove it. From lovers torn apart by war to a celebrity duo who were childhood pen pals, these real couples will restore your faith in romance.

love of my life, love stories
"There was an undeniable magnetic pull between Fred and me."

I Didn't Marry The Love Of My Life ... On Purpose

I was 17 and Fred was 24 when we first met. What began as puppy love grew into a lifelong bond and made me believe in undying love. There were a few times when I second-guessed my decision to marry someone else, but our dynamic made it undeniable: We were meant to be in love with each other, but that didn't necessarily mean we belonged together.

This Woman Documented Her Own Surprise Proposal Without Knowing I

This Woman Documented Her Own Surprise Proposal Without Knowing I

Troy and Eliza of Tampa, Fla. met on in February 2013. Troy -- a football coach and father of three -- was blindsided by a divorce after 19 years of marriage. Eliza -- a special education teacher and a mother of three -- was widowed six years ago after her husband's sudden death. "Actually, when I met Troy online, I was done," Eliza said. "That was it, that was the last [one]. I was like, 'Alright, I'm going to talk to this one last person,' and I was just done. Because when my husband died, I lost every single hope and dream I had for the future.

You've Never Seen The Love Story Of Snow White Like This Before
And this one had an even more satisfying happily ever after ending.
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Love Bytes: The Cutest Version Of 'Snow White' Ever

Once upon a time, there was a photographer who sought to do a photoshoot with the sweetest real-life princess of them all, a 3-year-old little girl named Jayci, and her pit bull prince. The photos prove it — this beats Disney's version any day.

Severe Anxiety? A New Film Gets It
Anxiety can ruin lives, but it doesn't have to.
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Severe Anxiety? A New Film Gets It

Severe anxiety can be terrible to live through, and very hard to understand. A new movie called Sparrows Dance delves into agoraphobia and how honest communication can help people get through anything with the help of others.

Love Story: Touching Photo Of Wife Carrying Husband Goes Viral
"If I hadn't stepped on that IED I wouldn't have met her. I wouldn't take it back ever."
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Love Story: Touching Photo Of Wife Carrying Husband Goes Viral

Miley Cyrus twerking, celebrity sex tapes, Twitter rants — these are the things we're used to seeing go viral. That's why, when we spotted the touching photo of Jesse and Kelly Cottle, we were delighted that a triumphant love story had made it's way across the internet as fast as lightening.