Etta James
Etta James, known as the Matriarch of R&B, died today at 73 after battling leukemia.
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Rest In Peace: 5 Love Lessons From Etta James

Etta James, known as the Matriarch of R&B, died today at the age of 73 after a long battle with leukemia. She's survived by her husband of 41 years, two sons, and all of us who fall in and out of love to her music.

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A few of my favorite indie songs about love.
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Angry Single Blogger: The 10 Best NON-LAME Love Songs Of 2011

It seems that my opinion on how important music is to a relationship and how my taste in music is far superior to most people's has ruffled some feathers. So, in an effort to help those poor Lady Gaga, Coldplay and Justin Bieber fans out there, I'm doing them a favor by offering my 10 favorite love songs... that aren't mainstream and lame.

accordion guy love song
Look at this creepy creeperson! He'll have you swallowing like 5 Plan B's in no time.
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Love Bytes: The 10 Creepiest Love Songs Ever

The creepiest song lyrics ever. Having babies too late may be even less safe than we thought. Do not start having sex with your neighbor if you want a relationship. Is your guy totally into someone else? Plan B may soon be available over-the-counter. Good-looking friends make you look... better. Hugs may not be as innocent as you think. France may ban prostitution.

taylor swift jane austen
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Love Wisdom Across The Ages: Taylor Swift Vs. Jane Austen

The pop star is taking her lovelorn anthems—including her new single "Sparks Fly"—across the country in one of the biggest tours this summer, but her lyrics seem to have gotten a little help from a literary predecessor. Can you guess which lines are by the young songstress and which were penned by the "Pride and Prejudice" author?

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The 11 Best Love Songs of 2010

From Katy Perry to Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift to Gaga, there were plenty of love-themed tracks to enjoy in 2010. Here are the songs that have been sending our collective hearts aflutter for the past twelve months, in case you managed to them out of your head in the first place.

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10 Famous Love Songs About 7 Famous Women

When American Idol finalist Crystal Bowersox performed Janis Joplin's "Me And Bobby McGee" last week, it got everyone thinking about who the real Bobby McGee was. The tune, written by Janis' former lover Kris Kristofferson, might have actually been inspired by Janis herself. Some songwriters are much more forthcoming about the muses behind their compositions. Here now is a list of love songs and the famous ladies who inspired them.

Beyonce Writes Song About Jay-Z's Junk
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Beyonce Writes Song About Jay-Z's Junk

While on tour in Europe, Beyoncé took some time out for a holiday to Barcelona with her hubby, Jay-Z. She also debuted her new single, "Ego," which sharp listeners might interpret as an ode to her husband's endowment. No, we're not kidding. Look at the lyrics, y'all: Why? Well, you got the key to my heart But you ain't gonna need it, I'd rather you open up my body And show me secrets, you didn't know was inside No need for me to lie It's too big, it's too wide It's too strong, it won't fit It's too much, it's too tough He talk like this 'cause he can back it up He got a big ego, such a huge ego I love his big ego, it's too much He walk like this 'cause he can back it up  

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10 Songs That Reveal Men's Hearts

Bitterness is for the birds. And sweeping generalizations rarely, if ever, hold true. All women are not bitter, and along those lines, all men are not emotionally bankrupt. We got a call tonight from a friend who was ready to give up on men. Nonsense, we said.

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Chirp Interpreted: Hint, Not A Love Song

Let's say a female antbird is hanging out with her male partner. The two lovebirds are perched there on a branch and along comes an attractive, single female antbird. The male starts to sing his song. But before attractive, single female antbird can even hear the first note, the male's parter starts singing over his song. This is in an attempt to "jam the signal" or interrupt her man-bird and prevent him from openly flirting, find researchers at the University of Oxford.

mix tape
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Personalized Gift-Giving Made Easy

You didn't hear it from us, but cassette tapes are so last decade. We wish we had better news, but the good old days of love mix tapes are gone for good. Luckily—for some—sappy love songs seem to be here to stay. So the next time you need a gift for a pal or partner, put away your tape deck and present them with the modern mix tape: an iPod. If a 'pod in a box doesn't fulfill your sky-high gift-giving standards, think outside the box. You can personalize your gift by adding your favorite sappy-song playlist and you can even get it engraved–for free. (If you're gift giving for V-day, Apple ensure your gift arrives on time as long as you place your order by February 9). Deadlines mean decision-making. If you're having trouble deciding what to write, rest assured: the Apple store has some suggestions and we Lover Buzzers have our two sense. Here are our top choices for iPod engravings for each love stage: