The Game Is On: 12 Reasons Why We Love Benedict Cumberbatch


We are sherlocked.

Calling all members of the Cumbercollective, it's time to gather our wits here. The trailer for The Imitation Game has officially been released and we couldn't be more excited! Following the story of mathematician Alan Turing who served as a key player in cracking the Enigma code during WWII, this film will mark a strong comeback for Benedict Cumberbatch, who will play the lead role alongside a strong cast featuring Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, and Mark Strong. There's no denying that we're pretty stoked that we have another chance to see Cumberbatch grace our screens again. We know we're not the only ones who have Ben-addicted to this sexy Brit for quite some time now. From his witty sense of humor to his humble nature, it's hard to not fall for this incredibly accomplished (not to mention ridiculously talented) actor.

The Star Trek Into Darkness star constantly expresses his aversion to being complimented on his dashing looks, joking in a recent interview with BAFTA New York that "It's the blessing of having a weird face — somewhere between an otter and something people find vaguely attractive….[My face] is getting on these 'Hottie Lists' and I just kind of go 'what?'"

Um, Mr. Cumberbatch, we're going to have to respectfully agree to disagree. In fact, we can give you twelve reasons why all of the boys and girls have fallen for your "weird face" and boyish charm.

Anglophiles, get ready to swoon.

1. Our number one reason? Because he is a feminist! The Sherlock star always make it a point to voice his disapproval of his fans calling themselves the "Cumberbitches". A man who respects women and isn't afraid to show it? Be still, our beating hearts.

2. Because he is practically the poster child for the 'Brainy is the new sexy' campaign.

3. His devious (delectable) grin...and those cheekbones.

4. His naughty sense of humor and the fact that he doesn't take himself too seriously. Jimmy Fallon vs. Benedict Cumberbatch in an Alan Rickman-off, anyone?

Photobombing at the Oscars? Expert level. Our reigning photobomb queen Jennifer Lawrence may have met her match.

5. His deep voice and accent that some don't know whether to be scared of or turned on by. We feel your pain, guys.


6. His epic bromance with Michael Fassbender...

...and Tom Hardy...

...and Tom Hiddleston (having a ridiculous amount of swoon-worthy friends should be against the law)...

...and Martin Freeman...

...and David Tennant...

...and Matt Smith. *faints at the thought of WhoLock*

7. His rad dance skills.

Smooth moves, Ben.

Turn down for what?

8. His philanthropic work involving the arts and his support for LGBT rights (he officiated the wedding of two of his close male friends in July 2013). You go, Glen Coco.

9. His impeccable taste in fashion — Even fashion goddess Anna Wintour agrees that this dapper gentleman's style game is on point!

10. His down to earth personality. These photos of him having lunch with Dakota Johnson incognito a la napkin are too precious.

11. He loves his fans — And we love him right back!

12. This deleted shower scene from Star Trek Into Darkness. You're welcome.

What other reasons do you have for loving this brilliant man?

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