jim pam the office
Sweating your coworker? Sweat no longer. But be discreet, please.
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Love Bytes: 5 Rules For Hooking Up At The Holiday Office Party

The rules for hooking up during/after holiday office parties. Are feminists to blame for the "hook-up culture?" Some people will say just about anything to get some tail. Would you stay with your husband if he cheated on you? Britney Spears songs have some great (and awful) things to say about love. The Austrian "sex school" that never was. 12 keys to healthy relationships. And, dating his clone to get over him. Yikes.

christmas holiday cookies
"It's my holiday party, I'll invite who I want to..."
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Love Bytes: 8 Reasons Why Being Single For The Holidays Rocks

Finding love in an airport. 8 reasons being single during the holidays rocks. Finding a girlfriend for a gay penguin. 10 annoying things that happen in the infant stages of a relationship. What are THE biggest deal-breakers? Getting married when you're financially insecure is not romantic. Wedding porn is ruining your engagement. Can you ask your guy never to contact his exes? Annoying Facebook statuses. And, Viagra-lined condoms.

holiday couple gifts love christmas
Does your holiday gift-giving style match your guy's?
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Love Bytes: What's Your Couple Holiday Gift-Giving Style?

Men with hamsters are VERY dateable. What happens when you and your guy have different holiday gift styles? Wingwomen are the way of the future. What do you do about Facebook when you break up? Why women cheat on their husbands. How to tell a date you're saving yourself for marriage. 7 signs that you're ready to move in together. And, Kristen Wiig plays "Flirting Expert Rebecca LaRue."

accordion guy love song
Look at this creepy creeperson! He'll have you swallowing like 5 Plan B's in no time.
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Love Bytes: The 10 Creepiest Love Songs Ever

The creepiest song lyrics ever. Having babies too late may be even less safe than we thought. Do not start having sex with your neighbor if you want a relationship. Is your guy totally into someone else? Plan B may soon be available over-the-counter. Good-looking friends make you look... better. Hugs may not be as innocent as you think. France may ban prostitution.

candy cane love heart
Where to meet eligible bachelors this December.
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Love Bytes: 8 Ways To Find A Date This Holiday Season

8 places to find a date this December. 5 reasons he's afraid of commitment. 9 TV shows with red-hot sex scenes. 10 ways to spend the holidays by yourself. How to date a friend's ex. 3 common sex problems. One woman's fight with sex addiction.

Thank You
A little bit of gratitude may save your relationship... and life.
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Love Bytes: These Two Words Will Save Your Relationship

A dab of gratitude may save your relationship. Why men over-simplify and women over-analyze online dating. The top 11 first-date white lies. How a woman's orgasm caught on CAT scan became an Internet sensation. 5 things to consider before indulging in a sexual fantasy. The top 11 divorce and infidelity studies of 2011.

marriage proposal
He might be ready for marriage if... he says he is. Men are annoying like that.
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Love Bytes: 10 Signs Your Man Is Ready For Marriage

10 signs your guy is (finally) ready for marriage. The many things it means when your dude says, "dude." The perfect date, featuring Aziz Ansari. A preview of the intense new film 'Shame,' about sex addiction. Is it lust or love? What happens when your guy is always trying to rescue his ex?

big bang theory
There are (at least) seven reasons to date a geeky fella.
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Love Bytes: 7 Reasons To Date A Nerdy Guy

Older ladies still appreciate their jollies. What we can learn from the Dutch. Why can't a guy talk about sex with his buddies? What are guys really thinking when they create a dating profile? Some pick-up lines, per science, really work. And, why you should date a geeky dude.

sexy thanksgiving
This woman is making her Thanksgiving a little more sexy, and so can you.
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Love Bytes: 8 Ways To Hook Up This Thanksgiving

How to escape the family and get a little frisky this Thanksgiving. Signs that you're too picky. Why do men cheat "down?" (Because they're not grateful enough, that's why.) If a lady's father sets a terrible example for her, is cheating totally her fault? Evidently, female musicians do not have the groupie chain you'd expect. Which dating traditions need to be phased out pronto?

Yes, there are reasons long-distance relationships can be awesome-sauce.
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Love Bytes: 20 Reasons Long-Distance Relationships Rule

Why being in a long-distance relationship can (sometimes) be awesome. A pillow that will make your long-distance relationship weirdly tolerable. Facebook can make even strong long-distance relationships uncomfortable. How to make body language work for you. How (almost) anyone can get good-looking. And, how to create an awesome online dating profile.

Love Bytes: The 29 Most Useful Sex Tips You'll Ever Read
29 sex tips from 29 sexperts (that's sex experts, if you don't know the vernacular).
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Love Bytes: The 29 Most Useful Sex Tips You'll Ever Read

29 pieces of sex advice you need to know now. 13 hilarious bedroom bummers. A flowchart that will let you know if your wedding hookup is just for the night or looking to date. A young rugby player suddenly turns gay after a stroke? Is Ryan Gosling basically porn for women? What happens when you Google the one that got away? And, should divorced parents be allowed to have adult sleepovers?

Love Bytes: 14 Unexpected Things Men Love About Women
Did you catch those fake Kardashians on SNL?
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Love Bytes: 14 Unexpected Things Men Love About Women

Depo Provera may cause memory loss. Thirteen things that dudes really dig about ladies. When should you start leaving the bathroom door open? Some women are really having a hard time finding a great guy; such a hard time that they're making a show about it. The cougar is superior to the silver fox, apparently. What do you do when your wingwoman gets ALL the attention?

heart break
A small part of us makes us seek affection and approval from those who withhold it.
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Love Bytes: Ignoring Men Makes Them Love You More

When you're hard to get, we try harder. What if your guy cheated in his past relationship? It really bothers some guys if their lady has a high number. What if your lover refuses to answer when asked what his "number" is? Food is just as important to women as it is to men. Imagine that! And, six reasons black women should date outside of their ethnicity.

text message
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Love Bytes: What His Text Messages Really Mean

Reading into text messages with your partner makes you closer, probably. Is Halloween a good time to introduce a fetish to your spouse or whatever? A woman can be something other than a virgin or a whore. Six types of men are very difficult to date. Man, Woman, Wild can teach you how to make your couple vacation not too terrible. Last-minute couples costumes for everyone!

andy parks and recreation
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Love Bytes: Why You Should Only Date Average Guys

Should you go for the average man? Can you bail on a marriage just because the sex went bad? Ten reason to be into your naked body. What to do when your partner dresses like a complete doofus (women can dress poorly too). Seven ways video games can solidify your relationship. And why chivalry isn't really dead or dying.