girls hbo
He live-tweets mean things while watching "Girls" on HBO? Dating red flag.
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Love Bytes: 13 Dating Red Flags From Pop Culture

13 new dating red flags. Are men just stupid? Seven reasons men lie. Guess among what age group STDs are on the rise. A romance novel about Britney and K-Fed. Inside a Wiccan sex coven. And more...

giuliana bill rancic
Bill and Giuliana Rancic are finally having a baby!
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Love Bytes: Would You Use A Pregnancy Surrogate, Like Giuliana?

What do you think about using a pregnancy surrogate, like Giuliana and Bill Rancic? A sex toy shop for Christians. Heart-broken fruit flies turn to booze. Do men really get dumber when women are around? Man attacks his wife for dumbest reason ever. A woman is not "crazy" just because she has emotions. And, what your clothes say about you.

E L James
E.L. James, author of "50 Shades Of Grey," is on the Time 100 list.
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Love Bytes: Guess Which Sex Writer Made The Time 100?

Should E.L. James have made the Time 100? Not everyone likes women kissing in the Urban Outfitters catalog. Why do bankers buy sex? Dudes, start talking about feelings. Face it, he's never going to propose. A new dating site hooks you up based on Twitter and Facebook usage. Men fake orgasms too. How to keep your guy friend from falling for you. How much masturbating is too much? Who is the funniest lady out there?

50 fifty shades of grey
The romance "Fifty Shades of Grey" has won legions of fans.
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Love Bytes: Is S&M Back In Style?

Is S&M cool again? You really, really don't want to date these men. Do not say this to a pregnant woman. Abortion law by the numbers in 2012. Twelve tips for dating in a Facebook world. Some men run away from too much sex. 10 things you really don't want to say or hear on a first date. What lies do women tell their husbands?

Love Bytes: Can You Get "Too Comfortable" In A Relationship?
Are you getting too comfortable in your relationship?
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Love Bytes: Can You Get "Too Comfortable" In A Relationship?

Nine tips for merging cat and boyfriend. Not all women with cats are crazy. Faking cancer... for a dream wedding. How to Pinterest your wedding. Ten ways summer makes sex awesome. Facebook says summer is when you get dumped. The ballad of a single, married mom. Is there such thing as too much comfort when you're dating?

leap frog couple
Leap-frogging on the beach? You're probably a great couple.
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Love Bytes: 7 Signs He's "The One"

Seven signs you're meant to be. Let's be careful when we use the word "crazy." A man proposed in court to the lady who stabbed him. Is life easier for pretty people? A dating site for daddy issues. Is there a link between maternal obesity and autism? Tucker Max and Planned Parenthood are not friends. Twelve great reasons to date a baseball player. Seven sexual things that The Bible is cool with.

"I thought threesomes were supposed to be exciting."
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Love Bytes: "I Had A Threesome And It Was Lame"

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Dan Savage's new MTV show "Savage U" premiered last night. Italian "Vogue" editor talks eating disorders. One woman, two men. 10 reasons to date the boy you grew up with. 6 places to have sex around the house.

autism awareness
Today, April 2, is World Autism Awareness Day.
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Love Bytes: Autism Is On The Rise In Children

Can a Facebook app tell you if somebody has an STD? 9 "good" reasons to cheat. What two hours with a male escort can teach you. What exes can teach you. What Grindr can teach straight women. A second or third marriage isn't necessarily doomed. Being in love with love is bad news. Moving in with someone is tricky. Six places to get it on outside of the bedroom.

Love Bytes: Become A Better Kisser, Now
How to be a better kisser.
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Love Bytes: Become A Better Kisser, Now

Can crying on a first date be a good thing? The hot men of NPR. Susan G. Komen has another setback. Seven funny pieces of legislation in the "war on men." What if dudes had birth control medication? What if your boyfriend had way more sex than you? Have you flirted with someone on your commute? A fascinating tale of infidelity. Have you violated "girl code"? Become a better kisser now.

engagement ring
Why hasn't he proposed yet?
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Love Bytes: 5 Reasons He Hasn't Proposed... Yet (Be Optimistic!)

Five reasons he's not proposing. Nine ways to strengthen your relationship. Why (why NOT?) Don Draper would make a bad boyfriend. Can bad sex be fixed? How do you get rid of his crazy ex-girlfriend? Are you starting fights just for attention? 25 grand first-date ideas. Plus, how to support your parents during their divorce.

mad men January Jones
January Jones in "Mad Men."
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Love Bytes: Love Lessons From 'Mad Men'

Some women like some chivalry some of the time: examples. Some Republicans are okay with birth control. Why do married fellas like porn? Can guys really have multiple orgasms? His favorite sexual position is a bit of a surprise. Stop falling into the same old dating patterns. Don't let intrusive newlywed questions get you down. $10 spring date plans. And, what can 'Mad Men' teach us about love?

Love Bytes: Science Says You're Using Condoms Wrong
This couple is about to use a condom wrong.
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Love Bytes: Science Says You're Using Condoms Wrong

Science says most of us use condoms wrong. Helen Fisher is the coolest! How to avoid Mr. Wrong. She's faking it because she's making too much noise. How to spot an online dating liar. Do not make these 5 sex mistakes. Do try these 12 kinds of sex before you quit being wild. Don't take a person to church for the first date... just don't. Stop telling yourselves these lies, ladies. What not to say to a friend getting a divorce.

The 69 position is tricky but fun if done right...
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Love Bytes: How Do You Feel About "69?"

If you cheat once, are you always going to be a cheater? Do you know about CheaterVille? Isn't posting naked pics of your ex really mean? What 'The Bachelor' can teach us about dating. The male version of V-Day is something... interesting. Feelings aren't crazy, unless they are. An affair with a professor. How to get a baby inside you: FAST. And, the 69 position: Yay or nay?

woman thinking
Hmm... What qualities am I looking for in a man?
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Love Bytes: 50 Things Women Want In A Man

50 things women want in a man. When fake fights go bad. You disagree about kids, family, and marriage; now what? Looking at porn on a plane. Why some women like emotionally unavailable men. And, why abortion was the best decision one woman ever made.

Love Bytes: How To Tell If You're A Slut
Are you a slut? Find out with a handy flowchart.
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Love Bytes: How To Tell If You're A Slut

There are reasons not to date geeks. That vibrator could be undermining him. Women would rather share pain than pleasure. He robbed her, then asked for a date. The logic behind dry humping. A flowchart that indicates promiscuity. Bethenny Frankel should try honey instead of vinegar. Some husbands are put off by childbirth. Sharing a bathroom with a boy is weird. And, Jon Stewart has a few smart things to say about the Limbaugh/Fluke deal.

snl lindsay lohan, lindsay lohan saturday night live
The Real Housewives of... Disney!
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Love Bytes: Lindsay Lohan on SNL, Breakfast For Dinner & More

A comprehensive guide to online dating. Going without self-gratification for a whole month. How do you find a kinky partner? How do you know if he's the one? Five ways to get him to communicate. How to send a nudie picture the right way. Try going on a breakfast-for-dinner date. Interracial dating.

sad blogger
She's single and ready to blog.
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Love Bytes: Why Are Dating Bloggers All Single?

Why are relationship bloggers all single? What's up with yoga sex scandals? What do women who sext have in common? Women wish guys knew a thing or ten about their bodies. Make a good plan for your date or else. Are college students off condoms? Canada wants women to wear wedding rings. The best movie sex scenes of 2011. Why (and why not) marry a cheesemonger. How do we fix friendships?