guys chatting before the wedding
9 things real dudes are thinking about before the wedding.
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Love Bytes: What He's Really Thinking About Before The Wedding

What guys are really thinking before their wedding. Why you shouldn't look at his phone or email. Who to blame if men think about sex every 7 seconds. A great second usage for a sex doll. Her married ex wants to have a secret, sexual liaison... with her. What if his best friend is a jerk? How to have a great summer fling. Can a guy ever say anything about his lady's weight? Are women financially better off after a divorce? What women see when they look at a guy's place for the first time.

Can working moms really have it all?
Can working moms really have it all? Dads respond...
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Love Bytes: What Do Men Think About Women 'Having It All'?

"The Atlantic" magazine stated Definitively last month that women STILL can't have it all. Well, harrumph. Especially when we all have a different definition of "IT" and we still have 24 hours in a day of which one-third to one-fourth is spent sleeping, pooping and Pinteresting. Nonetheless, what do dads think? Can moms have it all?

love question mark hearts
Men do a lot of things we don't understand.
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Love Bytes: 10 Things Men Do That Drive Women Crazy

Why didn't he call after an amazing first date? What does his penis say about his personality? Girly things men do. Do men like cuddling? 10 things about men that drive women B-A-N-A-N-A-S. How do you tell your best friend you're dating her brother? 16 everyday romantic gestures you should try. Fun summer date ideas.

woman phone
What if you have a very, very good reason?
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Love Bytes: Are You Crazy For Looking Through His Phone?

Hey, it's OK to ask for sex. Women are 5 IQ points smarter than men. Would you be able to be married, but live apart from your husband? Are you crazy for looking through his phone? Would you date someone with an ugly name? 10 things your wedding planner won't tell you.

Love Bytes: What If He Has More Sexual Experience Than You?
Do you care if your man has more sexual experience than you?
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Love Bytes: What If He Has More Sexual Experience Than You?

How do you use Facebook without wrecking your love life? Naked men give great advice. What happens when your sex partner has way more experience than you? What does it mean when your relationship is "on a break"? What body shapes do dudes like best? Confessions from a kinky sex newbie. Would you stick with a good guy who is terrible in bed?

Love Bytes: 10 Types Of Men You Will Regret Dating
Don't go there, girlfriend.
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Love Bytes: 10 Types Of Men You Will Regret Dating

You think your friends are hotter than strangers. What do you say to a guy hitting on you on the street? John Travolta wants to talk about his marriage to Kelly Preston. 10 types of men you don't want to date, ever. Meeting someone in a bar as just as great as meeting someone online, per science. How much can you drink while pregnant? India doesn't want anyone under 18 doing it.

plan b
The FDA made some crucial changes in its language regarding the morning-after pill.
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Love Bytes: The Morning-After Pill, Redefined

The FDA redefines the morning-after pill. Should you give your first love a second chance? Our expert Charles Orlando talks about online dating on WNYC's The Brian Lehrer Show. What if you knew your friend's husband was cheating? The upside of dating several guys at once. Do you fantasize about your husband's friends?

There are words you can't say in the Michigan legislature when discussing abortion.
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Love Bytes: Guess You Can't Say 'Vagina' In Michigan

Why you really like watching scary movies with a guy. Naked men will tell you anything. The worst dads in the animal kingdom. There are certain words you can't say in the Michigan legislature when discussing abortion. Win sex toys for COUPLES! Women who like sex aren't sluts.

wedding happy family
The bride and groom's parents are happy the wedding only cost $4,000!
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Love Bytes: How To Plan A 100-Guest Wedding For $4,000

How to plan a perfect AND inexpensive wedding. 10 awesome nerdy wedding gifts. 10 great gadgets for dad for Father's Day. Is a psychic better than a therapist? Do guys really care what you "number" is? Swedish lawmakers want men to sit down to pee. How do you bring up your sexual history ... to your doctor? 11 signs he has a crush on you.

couple couch
How to tell whether that dude would make an awful boyfriend.
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Love Bytes: 13 Signs He Would Be A Terrible Boyfriend

Are you doing most of the work? She wanted to get married, so she choked him. The Vatican has banned a book on female masturbation. Shedding even more light on "50 Shades Of Grey." Do you want your boyfriend to be your best friend? Sexify that bedroom in 7 simple steps. 13 signs he will not be a great boyfriend. 18 chestnuts of wisdom that will make dating better (and stuff). Things you DO NOT want to say to a bride.

couple summer
"I feel so freeeeeeeeeeeee."
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Love Bytes: 6 Sexy & Inexpensive Summer Date Ideas!

Having a fun summer love life. How her dude helped her get her financial act together. What we can learn from... sluts. They stole her golden vibrator. Why you shouldn't get back together with your ex. How to get over a terrible date. Should you snitch on a cheating relative? Some dating advice for widows. And more...

bad sex
He's trying really hard, but she's just not into it.
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Love Bytes: 14 Signs You're Awful At Sex

14 signs you are rubbish in the sack. Is this a date or a marriage interview? A man has 30 kids and is struggling with the support payments. 15 online dating no-nos. What to do when your ex shows up at a wedding you're attending. Who is your favorite fictional dad? Is he just using you? Can anything good come from a post-date questionnaire?

heart yin yang
Do you swing both ways?
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Love Bytes: How To Know Whether You're Bisexual

DomCon: The L.A. S&M convention. Language is important for dating. 9 ways to make "self-exploration" even more awesome. What do you do if you're bisexual? Is The Bachelor racist? 7 signs that the sex you just had was epic. What's up with your coworker crushing on your boyfriend? What, exactly, are "husband privileges"? 6 types of wedding dates. You may be ovulating if you think THAT guy is good-looking.

man tape mouth
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Love Bytes:
 10 Things Husbands Should Never Say

10 things a husband shouldn't say. Do men want women to be flexible in bed? 6 stories of interrupted sex. The etiquette of oral. How to handle a boyish boyfriend. A Texan was lap danced to death. Earn money pretending to be a girlfriend. How close is your guy with his lady BFF... too close?

couple sex
Have you heard of the 7-day Sex Challenge? You should try it!
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Love Bytes: Take The 7-Day Sex Challenge!

10 safe-sex ads in other countries make us hate sex. The 7-Day Sex Challenge! Whiskey-flavored personal lubricant. A four-year boyfriend who doesn't say, "I love you." Six things he really doesn't care about. Same-sex couples still can't hit the prom. Does it matter if you can cook? Was Obama's gay marriage endorsement the most tweeted thing ever?

Some people don't want to get married, and good for them! More for the rest of us!
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Love Bytes: 15 Reasons Not To Get Married

Being a single man is highly overrated. A man from Oklahoma called 911 to talk dirty. Ridiculous stories from wedding DJs. How much fellatio should a relationship have? Expressing anger is good for you. Talkin' about the 800-pound bride. Love lessons from the show "Girls." When a guy really deserves a fake number. 15 reasons not to get married?