Peter Jackson
Dating a Tolkien fanatic? Here's what you need to know.
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Love Bytes: How To Date A Hobbit-Head

How to date a lover of The Hobbit. The appeal of the bad boy. Three days in a chastity belt. Ten mistakes parents make during the holidays (you know, Christmas). And more in today's roundup of the best of the web...

wedding rings
How to have a satisfying marriage.
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Love Bytes: 5 Rules For A Happy Marriage

Women are cheating as much as men. He makes more than his female coworker. How to get a man to commit. How to survive a weekend with your guy's family. Getting dumped sucks, but winning $23 million dollars rules. How handle your guy's ex. And, 10 weird sex things that people used to believe.

ann romney
Is Ann Romney more attractive than Michelle Obama? Why do we even care?
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Love Bytes: Are Republican Women Really Prettier?!

15 reasons to date a politician. Are GOP women ... prettier? Being fit could earn you more money (and the gratitude of the opposite sex). What if your dominatrix does something to hurt your feelings? Does a breakup count if it's done during an alcohol blackout? Is "The Rules" coming back? Dating rules you should break. Is your guy a hypochondriac? How apologies define a relationship. And, size matters.

woman waiting phone
Maybe he lost his phone again...
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Love Bytes: 8 Signs He's Blowing You Off

How to break up with someone, but stay friends with his kids. Coyotes mate for life, cougars date for strife. How porn can ruin everything for a guy. 8 signs he's blowing you off. The walk of shame ain't so bad. Domestic violence and Dr. Drew. 3 love lessons from Lucille Ball. 4 biggest financial problems in relationships. This is THE year of the kinky movie. How not to let money ruin your relationship.

date blindfolded
What's a conversation without body language?
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Love Bytes: Do You Have The Right Body Language?

Plan B for students. 10 good reasons to have lady friends. Facebook faux pas. What do his boxers (or briefs) say about him? 14 body language do's and dont's. Signs you are emotionally unavailable. You should smile more. Work husbands are a thing; are they a good thing? Everyone has cold feet on their wedding day, right? And, what does "take it to the next level" mean?

Yeah, I could squeeze you in on the 14th between 6 and 9 a.m.
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Love Bytes: The Case For Scheduling Sex

Do you schedule sex? 10 types of people who get smashed at weddings. Would you date someone who still lives with their parents? What if the Prez crashed your wedding and left a sweet gift? Did Jesus have a wife? Great quotes from Emmy-nominated ladies. How to be a good wife. Signs you're in a very unhealthy relationship. Can birth control rob your libido? Swingers in healthy relationships. Should men be trusted to take the pill? The husband of the "Fifty Shades Of Grey" author E.L. James spouts off.

alec baldwin hilaria thomas
Alec Baldwin is 54, Hilaria Thomas is 28. Discuss.
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Love Bytes: Should Younger Women Date Older Men?

Young women love older men. Or is it the other way around? Are honeymoons worth the trouble? What are the qualities of faithful men? 12 reasons you're scared of getting into a relationship. Is your phone ruining your love life? 5 things you need to know before moving in together. Are you a rebound addict? How to survive a first date.

creep in the attic
"Now I'll just see what my ex and her family are up to!"
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Love Bytes: What Would You Do If Your Ex Moved Into Your Attic?

What you can tell just by looking at a guy. It's not the end of men. Another Florida gun/sex story. Are singles ashamed of being alone? Having a husband increases your chances of beating the cancer. Not everyone loves shower sex. Signs you and your boo may need a break. Do you get weird texts from your ex? Do adults really take romcoms seriously?

couple sex
"So, I thought tonight we could try something different."
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Love Bytes: Just How Adventurous In Bed Are You?

What if your boo is into the really kinky stuff? Get sexy in under a minute. How technology has changed modern prostitution. How to combine finances. 8 reasons to wait for sex. How do you definitively break it off with a guy. Why "Secretary" is so much better than "Fifty Shades Of Grey." And, is there a way to make shower sex less awkward?

woman date flirting
Does your guy make you happy?
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Love Bytes: 10 Things Your Guy Should Be Doing To Make You Happy

7 signs you can be friends with your ex. A Florida threesome ends in a SWAT raid. Is faking your death before a proposal adorable? 10 things he should be doing for you. You can be very gay and very anti-Obama. Home weddings can be pricey too. How to argue about money less. And, 9 crummy rape comments made by right-wing types.

Pussy Riot
Free Pussy Riot!
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Love Bytes: Pussy Riot & More Daring, Sexy Political Activists

Do we all tell little lies? Who are the sexiest political dissidents? Does your husband's massive income make you feel crummy? 10 ways to get out of a relationship tactfully. When single moms hit the town. Loud sex can make your neighbors call the cops. Do guys care about virginity? What if your friend digs a guy who digs you? Could you date a smoker? What's the best way to exit a relationship? 4 dating mistakes that we all make.

"Can we get it over with?" is something you should never say to a guy.
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Love Bytes: 12 Things You Should Never Say To A Guy

Dudes like to hold court. A bridesmaid meets a DUI. 12 things not to tell a guy. What makes a man a good man? What if your best buds were cheating on each other? What's up with the prostate? Using technology to spice up your love life. Allergic to your boyfriend?

sad woman
Why can't I stop thinking about my ex?
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Love Bytes: 'Two Years Later, I Can't Stop Thinking About My Ex'

It's been two years and she's still not over him. BDSM advice NOT to take. The best hotels for couples. How chemistry makes you silly about love. How to catch a cheater. A wife's burial request is denied by the state of Alabama. Sending a text to admit an affair is pretty cowardly. Can a relationship survive ADD? Are you creeping your guy out? These words will wreck your online dating profile. Do we care which candidate a porn star endorses?

just married
"Now what?"
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Love Bytes: Overcoming The Post-Wedding Blues

We United States of Americans spend a bunch of money on our weddings. We also develop eating disorders, deep forehead wrinkles and psychotic antipathy for our future in-laws over them (so I've heard). And while most of us manage to have a good time at the reception, what we really stink at is planning for what happens after the garters, cakes and honeymoon sentiments are in the rearview mirror.

woman proposing
A woman proposing to a man? Now we've seen everything.
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Love Bytes: Is It OK To Laugh At A Proposal Gone Wrong?

A Navy commander has been caught for faking his death to avoid the consequence of having an affair and impregnating that woman. 19 things to love about August. The most common regrets of divorcees. Funny failed proposals. The tattoos that men shouldn't have if they want to date women. Is Jennifer Aniston too old for marriage? Gonorrhea may be uncurable. Stop making him your nanny. Why sharing a bed with a guy is nicer than getting sleep. Are you still in love with him? Babies steal men's friends.

is she responsible for him
How do your partner's political beliefs affect other peoples' perception of you?
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Love Bytes: When Your Partner's Politics Keep You Apart

Seriously, why won't his girlfriend let him tape them? Should you tell your online dates you want kids? Texting etiquette from a Playboy Bunny. Will cheaters always cheat? When do you introduce your new guy to your son? Are you richer when you're single or dating? Seven rules for divorce. Is shopaholism a cure for bad relationships?

couple fighting
Is this couple fighting because they love each other?
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Love Bytes: How Fighting Can Save Your Relationship

Fighting, here and there, can be great for your relationship. Get over a guy by pretending he was awful. Could good kissing lead to better sex? Women gossip for a good reason. Birth control can lower your libido. What if your new guy hates your dog? 20 pickup lines never to use on the subway.