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How can one know that he/she is in love?

How can one know that he/she is in love?

It is quite a largely believed fact that love happens to all, at least once in their lifetime. But, as we keep on meeting different people in our lives, it becomes difficult to ascertain, that for whom we feel that special thing in our hearts. Some people can get to know at the beginning, while some are confused.

This man continues to inspire me in my life

This man continues to inspire me in my life

I am currently writing to you from 30,000 feet up, on my way to the Dominican Republic for some downtime, rest, relaxation, and a whole lot of FUN. We all need more fun in our lives and the harder you work, the bigger doses of fun you need. Remember that! Tuesday of this week, my dad ran for Councilman for our local town of Blue Ash in Cincinnati, where I was born and raised. He was up against 2 opponents that have been re-elected for the last 2 terms.

couple on horses
"I'll ride my own white horse, thankyouverymuch."

Do Women Really Just Want To Be Saved?

Interdependent? Great! Codependent? Not so much. Here's some relationship and dating coach advice about the danger of relying on a man to fix you. Your guy should be the icing on your cake — not the entire thing.

Is Love Real Or A Delusion?  Love Test
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Is Love Real Or A Delusion? Love Test

Most dating singles are skeptical about marriage going the distance, because America has the highest divorce rates in the world.  Over half of first marriages end in divorce, with even higher divorce rates for second through forth marriages. Clearly, the love that draws couples together in marriage can't keep half of married couples together through challenging times.  How do couples beat the odds and bulletproof a marriage?  Understand the true answer to this love test:  Is love real or a delusion?

Love Advice From 'The 5 Love Languages' Author Dr. Gary Chapman
Dr. Gary Chapman reveals how to keep the spark alive, resolve marital conflict, and more.
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'The 5 Love Languages' Dr. Gary Chapman Saves Your Relationship!

It was his own marriage of 40+ years—plus 35 years of pastoring and marriage counseling—that led Dr. Gary Chapman to publish his first book, 'The Five Love Languages: How To Express Heartfelt Commitment To Your Mate'. It went on to become a best seller, and as a widely-respected expert on love and relationships, he's sharing his relationship wisdom right here with YourTango.

Pushing Boundaries In Business And Love By Getting A Cat
No, it won't make you a crazy cat lady.
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To Succeed In Business & Love... Get A Cat?

A well-rounded, full life requires stability and happiness in both business and love! Read this expert advice on how pushing your boundaries and stepping outside your comfort zone can help you balance everything. It all starts... with a cat!