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breakup letter
Ever feel left behind in the emotional dust while your ex drives away? Yeah, us too.
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Love Bytes: The Real Reason Why Your Ex Gets Over You So Quickly

Breaking up with someone is always difficult. However, guys tend to move on much faster than girls do. Why is that? A guy explains! Plus, have you celebrated this month's nationally recognized holiday? (And we aren't talking about Memorial Day.) It's all in our weekly roundup of love, sex and relationship news!

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The days of Ben and Jerry's being our post-break up snuggle buddy have come to an end.
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Love Bytes: The New Breakup App That Will Change Dating Forever

It's pretty well-known that breakups suck. No one likes getting hurt or letting someone go, but they're apart of life. But there's an app called, "Breakup RX" that may change the nature of breaking up forever. Your pleasure is now right at your fingertips. May is the month of self-love, after all. Check out this week's roundup of love and sex links!

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"Look at her mother and you'll see her future."
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Thanks, Mom: 10 Guys Reveal Their Mothers' Best Love Advice

As women, we're often so curious what's rolling around inside a guy's minds — so I decided to sneak in for a moment, and ask 10 of them to tell me the #1 piece of advice they learned from their moms when it comes to dating, love, or successful relationships. Here's what I learned.

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Is she really 'fine'?
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Between The Lines: 5 Things She Says — And What They Really Mean

If someone doesn't particularly see you in a romantic light then they would just say that instead of dragging things on and leaving you with false hope. But alas things aren't always like that, and even though women tend to be more vocal they also leave a lot unsaid. So what does her actions really mean? Ask Men can tell you!

Mom's always right.
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Mom Knows Best: 10 Ladies Share Their Mothers' Token Love Advice

They're our biggest cheerleaders and our most constructive critics, who want, more than anything, to see us happy, healthy, and when the time — and person — is right, they want to see us in love. Here, women of all ages share the most unbeatable tips their mamas gave them about love, lust and really, really fine wine.

Happy Relationship
Mario Lopez's best love advice? "Treat a woman how you'd want someone to treat your mom."
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38 Secrets To A Happy Relationship

Falling in love? That's the easy part. But once the honeymoon dust settles, how do you nurture a loving and lasting relationship? What's the glue that holds it all together? From New York to Los Angeles and towns in between, YourTango set out to discover that answer by asking, "What's the best love advice you ever heard?" Here, you'll learn the marriage mantra Kyra Sedgwick shared with Angie Harmon, why actor Eric Dane considers himself so lucky in love, and much more.