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The Top 10 Traits That Attract A Woman To A Man

Everyone knows that in a relationship, attraction goes well beyond physical traits. In a massive new survey of more than 20,000 men and women, YourTango teamed up with and to find out just how much power physical and non-physical traits hold over attraction within a relationship.

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12 Tips For Making A Great First-Date Impression

You would think that every woman would know how to get ready for a date. And there are many who have perfected this task. But you would be surprised, many women don’t put all that much effort into looking good, especially on a first date. Many have given up and just don’t feel like it, even when they have a date! Others are so entrenched in their negative self talk that they don’t even notice that they are not putting their best self forward.

Debunking the Dating League

Debunking the Dating League

On the battlefield of one of America’s most iconic wars, the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, declared that all men are created equal. Taking that quite literally, centuries before the concept of dating out of one’s league emerged; Honest Abe debunked the whole notion. If Abe were around today and a relationship columnist, he’d probably say, “If we are all indeed equal, there can be no league.” To that, I say: hear, hear! We’ve all said it. We’ve all seen that attractive other person in the bar or the club or in our Tuesday/Thursday lecture and have wanted more than anything to approach them and ask them out. The notion of being out of our league has kept us from doing that. Instead of approaching them, we obsess over the fact that we aren’t wearing the coolest clothes, or don’t come from the appropriate background or even ha have the same level of cosmetic appearance.

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Is Your Body Type In Right Now?

Two studies say Hollywood and Playboy subconsciously sculpt their ladies to fit a mold depending on the economy. According to two studies analyzing the faces and body shapes of famous actresses and models throughout the years, tough times call for ladies who look more "mature," taller, sturdier, and a bit heavier then when the economy is booming.

Do You Appreciate Unconventional Beauty?
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Do You Appreciate Unconventional Beauty?

On more than one occasion I have grown attached to women who initially didn't really do it for me. After all, my idealistic sister and I were both raised to believe that the most important criterion for judging people is their character, not bone structure or body mass index. And we're not the only ones. While the celebrity culture we live in glorifies conformity and the pursuit of cosmetic perfection, humans are still capable of appreciating unique beauty.

Pretty Friend, Enemy?
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Do You Hate Your Pretty Friends?

I want to talk about what kind of girlfriends we like having. Okay, let's be honest—you know which of your friends are beautiful. You know when your friend gets more guys than you. Some women feel threatened by their prettier peers. Why do we do this, girls?

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The 10 Funniest Guys Who Are Actually Hot

Complex magazine's recent list of hot women in Hollywood who are actually funny (their phrasing, not ours) inspired us to highlight the funny blokes out there who are actually good-looking. While most of us lady folk are wise to the fact that laughs last longer than looks, we still appreciate a side of smoking (hot) with our joking. Hey, if supermodels were hilarious, they'd be on this list. As is, here are men who make us sweat with their perfect combo of humor and handsomeness.

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7 Traits Of Irresistible Men

We're not going to lie. A man boasting abs chiseled to perfection and biceps that pop just enough when flexed (without shredding shirts He-Man style) will no-doubt turn our heads. And even if caught mid check-him-out glance, we're not about to look away. But for a man to achieve a skyrocketing score on the sexiness scale there's got to be more to him than physical assets. Throw in these seven traits and he's guaranteed irresistible.

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Poll: Dating In The Dark: Do Looks Really Matter?

Poll: Dating In The Dark: Do Looks Really Matter?: Very. Great conversation is important, but if a person's unattractive it's a dead-end street. Just being honest! Somewhat. A good personality can make a so-so looker seem super attractive. Still, I probably wouldn't go for Quasimodo. Not at all. If we have conversational chemistry it doesn't matter what the exterior is like. Looks fade anyway!

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Average Is The New Hot

Think you know what type of figure men find most desirable? The answer, according to Australian researchers at the University of South Wales, may surprise you. According to a recent study in the journal Behavioral Ecology, men go for average female figures over shapely centerfolds, escorts and models, reports New Scientist.


Rejection Fear Extra For Good-Lookers

According to a science report (we picked it up from the crazy sombitches at Asylum), people who feel pressured to be attractive are more likely to fear rejection. While it probably doesn't take the University of Buffalo (or the University of Kent, for that matter) to tell us that people hung up on their looks place a lot of stock in what other people think about their appearance, the study does have some other interesting finds.

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It's What's On The Outside That Counts

Just last week we were extolling the virtues of being a late arrival to the pretty game. "Being a late bloomer," our clever blogger Jed wrote, "usually means you're either super smart, really good at something, or used to be, well, less attractive. In any of these cases, it's a positive." Indeed, wouldn't most of us — if forced to choose between the two — rather grow into our looks, rather than grow out of them? We think so. But that got us to thinking about something else: What happens if you start off not so pretty and never grow out of it?