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Our kicks say a lot about who we are.
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Do We Judge Our Dates By Their Shoes?

Personally, I always knew that you could tell a whole lot about a person by just looking at their shoes. Dirty, beat-up Vans? Not dating that guy, or even touching him with any sort of length of pole. I'm glad that what I always knew has now finally been proven by science.

Samantha Brick
Samantha Brick is getting a ton of attention for writing an article on her own hotness.
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Samantha Brick: Do We Hate Confident Women?

In case you missed it, Samantha Brick, whose name even sounds made-up, wrote about how "pretty" she is, and how it leads to constant spontaneous gift-giving by men around her. "There are downsides to being pretty," she wrote. "The main one being that other women hate me for no other reason than my lovely looks."

red dress brunette
Men love brunettes in red dresses. Science says so.
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14 Things Men Love, According To Science

I had a good chuckle over Made Man's list of Things Science Says Women Love. Apparently we are all suckers for homosexual men who look like our dads and don't smile. Thanks, science! Oh, the image I'm conjuring right now is unsettling. Anyhow … I felt inspired to roundup a few of the things science says men love.

liam hemsworth
Hey, we can't all date birthday boy Liam Hemsworth... lucky Miley Cyrus though!
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When It Comes To Dating, Are We Shallower Than We Admit?

Come on, just admit to it: You want to date that guy who all the girls gawk at when he walks into a room; the guy who's so painfully gorgeous that every time you look at him, you think to yourself: "I totally scored on this one." You do, you do — even if you don't realize it.

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This guy really likes himself.
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Study Says Men Are More Vain Than Women

It's redemption time, ladies! A new study has found that men take longer than women to get ready. I'm thrilled with the news and I'll probably throw it in some future boyfriend's face, but I'm not sure I believe it.

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When it comes to online dating, looks matter...but so does what you say.
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Hot Guys Are Better Writers, At Least Of Online Dating Profiles

On dating websites, users choose their profile pictures based on their best features; they highlight what they'd most like potential love interests to notice. A new study, however, found that the real meat and potatoes of a person's online dating profile — you know, the actual content — is just as effective at conveying attractiveness as their picture.

Men Think Blondes Are 'Needier' Than Brunettes
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Men Think Blondes Are 'Needier' Than Brunettes

There are some truths to the age-old adage, "blondes have more fun." Studies have shown that the lighter-haired women of the world are often rated as more attracted, younger and healthier looking than brunettes. Blondes also tend to earn more money and marry richer.

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Do Looks Matter?

Looks. It's one of the most interesting and controversial topics related to relationships. You have those individuals who say looks are very important and you have those who say looks aren't important because "it's what is on the inside that matters." So, who is right? If I have to pick, I'm going to side with those who say that looks are important. But before you start calling me a chauvinistic pig who only cares about how hot a woman is, hear me out.

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7 Beauty Myths That Are Damaging Your Love Life

Very few things are as confusing as the link between what we think is beautiful, our self-image and our sexuality. What each of us perceives as beautiful or sexy is as varied as what you might eat for dinner. The biggest myth about finding love is that there is some perfect set of rules that leads to success. And this is just not true. No one is perfect. Pretty people and plain people alike struggle to find love and no one is immune to fears about ending up alone.