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You guys are looking pretty healthy today.
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Why Being A Hottie Means You're Keeping The Doctor Away, Too

The University of Cincinnati conducted a study on how looks relate to health. Researchers followed 15,000 American men and women from the age of 10 till they were 24 to 35 (now that's dedication). They tracked both their physical and mental health. The connection between attractiveness and better health was and remains astounding. The best-looking candidates were least likely to be troubled with ADHD, depression, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, asthma and tinnitus. These findings were published in the Journal of Evolution & Human Behavior.

Your looks and your career, what's the connection?

Your looks and your career, what's the connection?

They say looks don’t matter, but when it comes down to it, scientific research tells a different story. Your appearance can have a big impact on your career from helping you to land a job to improving your employee evaluations and promotion potential. Looking great matters in your 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond. Of course, as you age looking and feeling your best does get more difficult, but with a little help and some anti-aging treatments you can continue to receive the career boosting benefits of attractiveness. WHAT IMPACT DO LOOKS HAVE ON CAREERS?

Marriage: Hot Wife, Happy Life
Ugh, more reasons to wish you were Jessica Alba.
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It's Science: Hot Wife, Happy Life

Does a good-looking spouse lead to a more satisfying union? That's what the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology set to find out when they conducted a study involving 450 newlywed couples over a four-year period.

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Sometimes we overthink things.
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10 Things Women Think Impress Men, But Don't

Like it or not, first impressions do matter. Second and third impressions do too — especially in the dating world. Admit it, you want to be wanted and liked by your suitor. We all do! No man or woman wants to be told they're not the best choice or the most favorable candidate for love. The trouble is that our desire to be liked often drives us to be someone other than ourselves.

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Soak up some summer sun and look your best!
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11 Vacation Essentials To Look Gorgeous For Your Trip

The sun is out, the hopes are high and the suitcases are full: It's time for a sexy (and long-awaited) vacation. But nothing taints looking irresistible on your trip quite like realizing you completely forgot the necessary tools for a romantic getaway, so be sure to use this as a checklist.

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One-fifth of women say they don't like their legs. It's time to change this!
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4 Features Women Dislike & How To Make Them Look Hot

When asked which of their features women like least in our "Irresistible You" survey, by far the most common answer was "legs," with almost one-fifth of ladies claiming they don't like theirs. What a pity: There are many easy ways to get gorgeous gams, some of which we'll tell you about in a minute!