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Traditional Love

Why Your Marriage Is Failing

What does a stable marriage look like? Steadfast, enduring, permanent? In today's marriage climate, those words don't seem to reflect many marriages I know. Couples are cheating, divorcing and falling apart and that's not even counting the celebrity marriages. When I said "I do", I said it hoping my marriage would endure, but the longer I've been married the more I see how easy it is to loose your footing on the foundations of your marriage. After being married for seven years, here are 6 ways I know marriages can stumble. And I know, because I've done it.

Lala Vasquez and Carmelo Anthony get married
Celebrity Love

Weekend Wedding Roundup

This weekend was a popular one for marriage as four separate celeb couples spent Saturday marching down the aisle. Here now is a quick peek at the star-studded ceremonies that, sadly, none of us were invited to!

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt
Celebrity Love

Our 5 Favorite Brit/Yank Couples

Although most of us Yankees will be celebrating the United States' independence from Great Britain, there are some who have bridged the gap between our countries with love. Here now is a list of famous Americans who have pledged allegiance to their British spouses.

woman pulling man into heart
Love Buzz

Why Your Ex Should Stay In Your Past

Getting back together with an ex, haven't we all considered it at one point or another? It would be so easy to slip right back into that comfortable routine, picking right back up where you left off. Or not. Here are 10 very, very, very good reasons not to back for round two at the ex-boyfriend buffet.

Drew Barrymore, Angelina Jolie
Celebrity Love

6 Bold & Bisexual Celebs

Lindsay Lohan brought bi-sexy back, but her dysfunctional romance with Samantha Ronson wasn't the type of relationship with which any group would want to be associated. Luckily, more sane celebs have been admitting to liking both boys and girls, making bisexuals all the rage right now. So, let's take a look now at six of the entertainment world's hottest (and coolest) bi ladies.

couple meeting for date outside surprise with flowers
Don't worry... you're gonna be great!
Love Buzz

How To Prevent An Awkward First Date

Getting ready for a first date is never easy. Between the expectations, nervousness and excitement it usually doesn't go as planned. Instead of worrying about the possibility of the date going wrong, take a look at 16 easy ways you can make your first date less awkward and more of a success!

office coworkers laughing at the watercooler
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10 Things To Say To Your Coworker Crush

Crushes, in general, can be a nail-biting emotional roller coaster but when it’s on someone you have to see every work day, things can get a bit awkward. With frequent opportunities for interaction, how do you manage to keep your foot out of your mouth?

terrence howard
Celebrity Love

7 More Sexy Celebrity Dads

For their protectiveness, their willingness to spend time with us, and for being the first man to capture our hearts, dads are wonderful and deserve our appreciation. We appreciate celebrity fathers, however, for a whole other reason--their nearly-palpable sex appeal. This Father's Day, we've compiled a list of even more sexy celebrity fathers that we're absolutely gaga over.

couple breaking up angry sad in bed
Love Buzz

What Men Think: 5 Ways Guys Get Over Breakups

A recent Wake Forest University study analyzed the emotions of 1000 young men and women after a breakup and found that men are more reactive when a relationship ends. The researcher speculates that a crumbling relationship dents the male ego and causes him to question his self-worth more than women in similar situations. We asked 5 guys what they think about this study and how they get over breakups.

Cary Grant and Robert Taylor, 2 of the 10 More Old Hollywood Hunks We Miss
Celebrity Love

10 More Old Hollywood Hotties We Miss

Our recent list of "10 Old Hollywood Hotties We Miss" got a great response, and there were many ladies (and gents) out there clamoring for their favorite studs of yesteryear to get some appreciation. Therefore, we've decided to honor 10 more of these fine fellas by offering up another list. If your favorite still didn't make the cut, we're sorry but there are just too many good looking men and too little time (and Web space)!

woman waving ranbow flag in the air
Love Buzz

Why I Don't Mind Falling For Gay Men

I am prepared to make a confession for the sake of womankind. I've given it a lot of thought (arguably too much) and decided it's time to come clean for all the girls out there who've been down the same road. My message: You are not alone, and you are not to blame. (deep breath...) I have fallen for gay guys—repeatedly, hook, line and sinker—and I am not ashamed.

Liev Schreiber Naomi Watts Tony awards
Celebrity Love

5 Hottest Tony Awards Couples

This Sunday Broadway takes the night off to celebrate the year's best plays, musicals and performances. And we take a night off from soccer to celeb-spot and try and count how many Law & Order (RIP!) guest stars we can find among the nominees. There will also be a number of gorgeous Hollywood couples among the Tony attendees. Here are a few of our favorite sexy pairs.

hand holding pen letter writing with red rose
Love Buzz

Modern-Day Love Letters: 7 Celebrity Authors

As technology progresses, the manner in which we express love has gradually changed. Gone are the days of handwritten love letters as we venture onto the information superhighway and become restricted to 140 words or less. From emails to texts and IMing, many of us would deem ourselves lucky if we ever receive a post-it note with an "I love you" on it. In celebration of the ever-evolving love letter, here are 7 famous men who will go down in history for declaring their love in writing.

seinfeld cast

Seinfeld's 20 Best Relationship Moments

That was a prett-y, prett-y quick 20 years. All the way back in 1990, a young comedian in a blazer, blue jeans and sneakers teamed up with a crotchety old cuss and produced nine seasons of pop culture gold. Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David spun everyday that-happened-to-me-isms into one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time. They let us know that the jerk-store wasn't a real comeback, presented us with etiquette regarding a double-dipped chip and taught us that we didn't have to celebrate Christmas, Chanukah or Kwanza, for Festivus was for the rest of us. But the show's real brilliance was in how it treated the relationships of four uptight, self-centered New Yorkers trying to find the one person who was just good enough for them.